Mission: Sustaining Life

My role

So, when I was told we will be finding ways for sustaining life on Mars, I was having trouble thinking of one. But, I decided that I wanted to design clothes safe for Mars.

Improve, Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create

Since we are in the STEM trimester, we need to improve our ideas. One day when we were researching, my teacher asked me if I was going to be a farmer, since I would need to grow cotton for clothes.

He asked me 'I heard of a company that makes clothes out of plastic, would that be better?'. I realized it would improve my role if I made a machine to make cloth out of aluminum, so that I could use recycled space ship parts to make the clothes.

When I imagined this in my head, I pictured a small box like machine that can turn things into cloth. That's exactly what I did.

When I planned this, I planned on a massive machine, but once I actually created it, it ended up being the size of a normal box.

When I first was researching companies that made clothes out of recycled plastic, I found out that so many popular clothes brand were recycling plastic

If I use the technology they used to turn plastic into clothes, I can do that on Mars to make clothes

Why would you want to do that?

It's better instead of planting cotton, cropping it, and it doesn't as long, it could make ten minutes to make cloth with plastic, and it could take five weeks for cotton.

We are the new generation, so change could be better