Road to Perseverance

By: Nolan Clifford Period #1-2

Perseverance Definition

People use perseverance every day, whether it's getting out of bed in the morning, or finishing a marathon. Without it, nobody would ever get anything done. Perseverance is fighting through adversity even though nobody thinks they can do it. That definition is shown throughout all of the articles and stories read this quarter.

Jackie Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt (Compare/Contrast)

Jackie Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt both faced major adversities in their lives, but persevered through them. Jackie was made fun of, tormented, threatened, and laughed at throughout his entire career. He ended up being the first African American to ever play in the majors. He fought through all of the adversities when no one thought he could. Eleanor Roosevelt came from a tough family situation. Her father was an alcoholic and both of her parents died when she was still a young child. She used that adversity to help her make tough decisions when she got older. She became a major contributor to the civil rights movement and women equality. Without the adversity in her younger years, she might not have had the courage to stand up for people who couldn’t stand up for themselves.
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Eleanor Roosevelt

One of the most influential women ever and civil rights activist.

The Sweet Smell of Success (Problem/Solution)

In the story The Sweet Smell of Success, John is having a mid life crisis. He doesn't know if he wants to keep his current job, or change careers and try to make more money. He decides to change his job and become the owner of the Nutty Bavarian, a food stand that sells candied nuts. When he first started out, he was faced with financial trouble. He wasn't very well known and had to compete with big name snacks like Orville Redenbacher's popcorn. He decided to try and get a place inside of Universal Studios to bring his business up. He eventually was allowed a 30 day trial and made a ton of money. People loved his candied nuts and Universal signed him to a contract. He persevered through his adversity and triumphed in the end.
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The product that was sold by the Nutty Bavarian.

Jackie Robinson (Description)

Jackie Robinson changed the United States forever. He "broke the color barrier" and was one of the first leaders of the civil rights movement. He was discriminated against, yelled at, threatened, and made fun of. He persevered through all of his adversities to try and reach his ultimate goal, make it to the MLB. He ventured away from his comfort zone so that other people wouldn't have to go through what he went through. He wasn't afraid to fail and he had the resilience needed to keep trying to make it. He was the first African American person to ever play in the MLB and led the way for other African American players.
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Jackie Robinson

First African American man to ever play in the MLB. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers.


Without perseverance, none of these people would have been able to accomplish the things they did. These people were faced with huge adversities, but overcame them by not giving up and staying focused on their ultimate goal. All of these people played a major role in shaping our society today, and without their courage and perseverance, we might not be living the lives that we are. If we try to be like them and not give up at the first sign of failure our lives could be impacted in a very positive way.

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