What is that?

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease characterized by a bacterial infection. Any sexually active person, especially young females aged 15-19 could get this disease. Untreated chlamydia may increase a persons chance of getting or transmitting the HIV virus that causes AIDS. People get chlamydia by having any type of sex with someone who is infected with the disease. Even if the man does not ejaculate. It is one of the most commonly transmitted disease. There are about 5% of sexually active individuals in the US who are infected. Many people may get effects like pain while urinating. Many males are characterized by the discharge from the penis. There are several risks factors. It is commonly found is sexually active young adults those who live in urban areas, in lower social class. Many African Americans are also higher at risk. Treatment for this is mainly antibiotics. It can easily be prevented by being safe while sexual intercourse.

our organization; C the Cure

we help during physical, mental and emotional stress dealing with people with chlamydia. we also do research on this disease. get the word out. our group meets every Wednesday night. there are flyers, billboards and radio to get the word out!