By: Roshan Dhuwaraha

What are fossils?

A fossil is any trace of an organism that was covered by layers of rocks that are slowly compacted over millions of years.

What type of rocks are fossils found?

Fossils are found in rock.sand.gravel, and ice even though ice isn't a rock.Sand and gravel because fish and other animals decay and fossilize over time.

Pictures of some fossils

How are fossils formed?

Fossils are formed when an organism is hardened and preserved by lots of sediment.Over time the rock around it starts to compact and mold around the organisms remains.While that is happening the body of the organism is starting to decay.Over millions of years the organism starts to fossilize.After a long time(millions of years) it becomes a fossil.
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Example of how they are formed?

A crustacean dies in the ocean while swimming so it falls to the ocean floor.Over time the body of the crustacean decays and its shell is all that remains.Soon the shell starts having very small cracks hat minerals and sediments collect in.Over more time, what remains of the living organism hardens, and is compacted by more sediment that has fallen on top of it.Over millions of year the environment might have changed and it would have been fossilized, we might find that fossil.