Ozone Depletion

By: Will Friederichs

What is the Ozone?

The Ozone Depletion describes two distinct but related

to phenomena observed since the late 1970s a steady decline of about 4%

in total volume in ozone in the Earth stratosphere( the ozone layer ), and a much

lager in the springtime and the stratospheric ozone around the Earth polar regions.

The Causes

The basic cause of the Ozone Layer Depletion is the chlorine atoms

then they break up ozone molecules.

Then Ozone disappears.

The Effects

Depletion of the ozone layer has consequence on humans, animals, and plants.

This typically shows result from higher UV levels reaching us on earth.

Prevention and Danger

Even with the Ozone layer, UVA and especially UVB light can penetrate it

to cause health problems for us humans.

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