Disney Effect

Animal Kingdom

My report is over Animal Kingdom's restaurant Boma Taste of Africa. At the Animal Kingdom lodge.


When you first enter the Boma buffet you get filled with arousing smells from all of the food. The entire restaurant is colored by dark reds and greens and some tans and browns to make you have a wild feel. When you get seated you are pleasantly escorted by a waiter/waitress to your table then he/she will take your beverage order and will set you free to help yourself to the endless buffet table. The buffet table is amazing in and of itself. All of the great foods and aromas fill your nose with spices and barbecue. To feed your carnivorous side there are tons of meats specially cut to your order by a butcher at the end of the buffet table. Or to feed your vegetarian side there are soups and salads or hummus with pita. Then after your are done eating your African/American delicacies you can then gorge yourself on the wondrous desserts like the famous zebra dome.


The lighting is low and moody which for some people sets a romantic mood. There are an abundance of pillars made out of stained and polished wood. There are thatches of sticks everywhere. At the buffet tables the whole set up are made to look like straw huts. There are also wood carvings of animals like a rhinoceros on the wine table. The name Bola is derived from Africa and it means a wall of sticks so everywhere you look there is a wall of sticks either made out of iron and used as a railing on the stairs or wooden ones on the walls or by the tables. It is said that the design of the restaurant is made to feel like you have taken a trip to Africa and are eating at a African resort.