Electrical Safety

Information Do's and Dont's

What to avoid :

~ Avoid water near outlets.

~ Avoid damage to electrical cords by not tugging on the cord, stapling the cord, or burning the cord.

~ Avoid overloading outlets

~ Always pay attention when dealing with electricity.

Electrical Safety Poster

First Aid - Electric Shock

What to do if you are getting shocked

~ Try to let go, stop holding on.

~ Have people around you when using the tools.

~ If bad enough have them call for medical help.

~ If it is only a child with you make sure they know how to contact help.

What to do if someone is getting shocked

~ Do not touch the person because the electricity will spread to you.

~ Try to turn of power.

~ Use either a cloth or apron to pull the person away.

~ If necessary call for medical help.