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Looking to engage learners in "culturally responsive teaching" experiences? CISD now has a full subscription to CultureGrams!

Click here and use the following login to give it a try:

Username: T150195

Password: 5O28W75X82

Check out what our learners can access using this great, new resource:

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For The Love of Reading

Found this amazing article all about keeping the love of reading alive! If you haven't heard the term "Readicide," you should certainly take a look at this article published by AASL. Click the red button below to read more.

"Children left alone to select their pleasure reading, outside of the books/materials used in the instructional setting for honing reading strategies, learn the pleasure of reading" (Clark).

Graphic Novels: A Librarian's Point of View

If you are hesitant about or unfamiliar with graphic novels, I encourage you to take a look at this article! They are becoming a more and more widely accepted format for quality literature. I hope you'll take the time to try one!

Reluctant Reader?

A GREAT post from a librarian/ESL reader and mom of a struggling, reluctant reader. Once her 3rd grader found graphic novels, she blossomed into an excited reader! Reading about her journey can really show the power of these books!

Need a graphic novel to try?

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Super excited to announce that the Texas Library Association has created a new book list specifically for graphic novels for grades K-5! AND the list is divided into titles for grades K-2 & 3-5 & all ages. Thrilled that quality graphic novels are getting a spotlight! Click the button above to check out the list!