V2 Cigs Review: How to get Coupon

V2 is setting the standard for High quality starter Kits.

Why V2 is at the top of the heap for good quality starter kits.

After reviewing a large number of Electronic cigarettes starter kits, I keep coming back to V2 as a very solid choice for a beginner starter kits. V2 also has among the best service, speed and quality of all the other brands in its price range. They have a large number of product to choose from weather your a seasoned veteran or a beginner in the Vaping world.

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Starter Kits
The V2 website is very easy to use and you can commonly find special offers. They have great deals for starter kits. The prices range from about $25 for basic starter kits up to $149 for a really advanced package. The good thing is, there is a lot in between. You can get a really solid starter kit for about $60 or under. Click on the starter kit tab and you'll have a bunch to choose from.

V2 Cigs offer a bunch for different e liquid flavors and there among the best quality on the market. Once you get a starter kit your only cost will then become E-liquid. On average the e-liquid is about 10% of the cost compared to real tobacco cigarettes. If you are wanting to quit smoking making the switch will save you a lot of money!

V2 offers three different sizes of battery in addition to the one that comes in the starter kit. Extra batteries range from about $15-$22 and range form 160-300 puffs per charge. If you are someone who wants to quit smoking and have a really bad habit, you may want to consider upgrading the battery so it doesn't run out mid day. For most people 160 puffs per day should be enough.

I would highly recommend the V2 brand to others. They have good quality equipment and provide a really high level of customer service. They have special and coupons each time I visit there site. There website is very user friendly and there prices are extremely competitive.

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