Job Interview Process

Addisyn Dupler

Before the interview

There are a lot of things you should do to prepare for your job interview.

  • Review your resume
  • Dress for success
  • Get a good night's sleep
  • Rehearse your interview

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10 Things to Do Right Before a Job Interview

During the interview

Heres some great tips on what you need to do during your interview

  • Come 10 to 15 minutes before your interview is supposto start
  • Make eye contact
  • Have confidence
  • Leave your phone in the car, or make sure it is turned off before you get in the room with the interviewer
  • Don't tell jokes
  • Have some questions to ask the interviewer

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5 Common Interview questions and tips on how to answer them

How would people you have worked with describe you?

Give examples of situations that illustrate how you work with people across various functions. Answer truthfully, as the hiring manager will reach out to your refrences to ensure your perception of yourself is in line with theirs.

What is your greatest weakness?

Be honest, but say how you're working on this weakness. Show the hiring manager that you are self-aware, thoughtful and proactive about your strengths and weaknesses.

Why are you the best person for this position?

Think of your most impressive and unique strengths that closely relate to the job description and use those to pitch yourself in a way that clealy illustrates the skill set and qualities you bring to the table.

Tell me about yourself.

Prepare about a one-minute answer that summarizes where you're at in your career and what you're especially good at. With an emphasis on our most recent job. Keep your personal life out of it. Your interviewer doesn't want to hear about your family, hobbies or where you grew up.

What would you do in your first 90 days if you got this position?

Awknowledge that you'll need to take time to get to know the team, what's working and what can be improved before you make any big decisions. Your answer should still get into specifics to the extent you reasonably can.

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After the interview

You may think that you just wait for a call after your job interview. Wait! There are still some follow up steps that you need to do.

  • Show that your still interested- After the job interview is over you may say "I would really like to contribute to this company and am hoping you select me."
  • Send a prompt thank-you note
  • Send each interviewer a personalized, powerful follow-up letter
  • Keep thinking and learning about the company

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Dress for the Interview


  • Pantsuit or skirt suit
  • White or light colored, tailored shirt
  • Mid heel, closed-toe pump
  • Mild makeup and hair
  • Simple jewlrey


  • Suit
  • Simple tie
  • Nice, clean shave and haircut
  • Clipped and clean nails

How to Dress for a Job Interview

Interview Don'ts

Here are some things that you absoutely should not do during an interview:

  • Be sloppy
  • Throw anybody under the bus
  • Focus more on perks than on the job
  • Be opinon-free
  • Stretch the truth
  • Be clueless about the hiring company
  • Freeze up
  • Dominate, let the interviewer talk too

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