Smartphone Addiction

Understand Your Student's Addiction

Modern Day Technology

Yes, it is true, technology is evolving around us constantly in this modern day. Before the Smartphone was invented, we met face to face to hold a conversation and turned on the television see the latest news; now we only need one device, the ever so loved and addicting Smartphone. The world is at the hands of our students with just one click, whether that be for texting, snapping photos, or checking social media. The problem is, that we as a society are becoming too dependent on our phones, so dependent that it can be related to an addiction.
How to Break Your Smartphone Addiction in 7 Days

Symptoms and Solutions

According to there are many symptoms that one can notice in a Smartphone addict. Addicts usually feel anxiety when they do not have their phone in their physical possession. Addicts constantly check their phone. Addicts also suffer from, Phantom Cellphone Vibration Syndrome, this is when a person constantly feels their phone vibrate, when in fact it did not. Another symptom is when someone is not listening to conversations regularly, instead they are checking their texts or social media for updates. Another symptom to be aware of is that addicts often begin failing in school because they are more worried about their phone. These are many of the symptoms of Smartphone addiction, there are also many steps one can take to release the addiction. Steps one can take are to, not text and drive, leave the phone in another room when going to the bathroom, leave the phone face down when having a conversation, leave the phone in the car when on a date, and attempt to leave the phone at home when running errands. These simple steps can help relieve some of the anxiety and symptoms of Smartphone addiction.

Bobbie Jackson

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