Miss Brinkley

Part 1

What went well?
I feel that my overall presentation went well. The information that was given and the activity involved within the presentation will keep the students engaged. I also went from having a video to just speaking in this presentation so it was something different.

What could I have done better?
I feel that I could have designed my power point a little better. I am still learning about the whole technology thing. I struggle sometimes figuring out that I can do more with the power point presentation but I don't exactly know how to do some of those things. At the end of my power point with my last video I attempted to use a pen to underline information and I could not get it to actually do it during the video of the presentation. It stayed underlined the whole time. I need to figure out how to do a lot more with it.

Part 2

What did you learn?
With this power point presentation I learned that I can do a lot more with the video part instead of just the voice over. I was able to show my visual of the poem that I did for the activity so the students could see how I modeled and showed my example of the visualization.

How will you apply what you learned in the future?
I will be using this type of technology in my classroom in the future! I feel that I will need to become more comfortable with it and figure out all its bells and whistles.

Think about procedures.
By having flipped videos for my students to see they will be able to look back on them and review if they need too. My procedures in the flipped video are all on track and do not get off topic.

Tracking your results/holding you accountable.
Having this technology will be very useful when it comes to tracking my results and holding myself accountable because I will want feedback from my students. Are these videos helpful, not relevant or just boring. I will also be reflecting on myself from the videos.

What I need to research to learn and where I'll find the information.
I will definitely need to research more technology ways to incorporate it into my classroom. I will also need to go to some classes that will help me figure out new programs that technology offers for education to help myself become more familiar.