WBHS Update


Principal's Message

Hello Laker Nation,

Thank you for helping us kick off the school year right with an amazing first week! Students are already acclimating well, finding their classes with ease, and doing amazing things in and out of the classrooms at WBHS. Last week, the administration and counseling staff met with the seniors and the freshmen to introduce ourselves, to review expectations, and to make sure all students knew about the resources and supports available to them. This week, we will finish our meetings with the 10th graders on Tuesday and 11th graders on Thursday.

On Wednesday, 9/7 at 6:30 PM will we invite our parents in for our WBHS Open House. Parents will follow their student's 7 period schedule and learn about each of the teachers and the expectations for those classes. Check below for a detailed schedule.

The WBSD Nutrition and Food Services Department is moving to Meal Magic to manage student lunch accounts. If you have not done so already, please visit https://westbloomfield.familyportal.cloud/ in order to manage your child's account for lunch services.

IMPORTANT - As students return to school there are a couple of areas of note that we are looking to improve upon.

  1. It is essential that students are on time. We are using the HeroK12 tracking software to note the dates, times, and number of times students are tardy. Students receive three tardies penalty free, and then will receive an after school detention. After that, a detention will be assigned every third tardy. This resets each marking period. Please encourage students to move to each class in a timely manner, and to be in class by the time the bell rings. Parents can excuse up to 3 tardies when students arrive to school, but any other tardies will count toward consequences. Parents may not excuse tardies between classes.
  2. Students are not allowed to wear hoods in the building at any time. It is imperative that we can identify students on camera and in person at all times. Hoods, especially when coupled with masks, make that very challenging. Ski-Mask style face masks with hoods are NOT PERMITTED. Also, clothing that exposes midriffs, has logos of alcohol or drug related business or products, or expose undergarments are NOT PERMITTED. Students were asked, without penalty, for the first week of school to remove hoods or change clothing listed above if wearing them. Additionally, each student heard me speak directly on this issue at our class meetings, or will hear it this week. Students will receive one more reminder, penalty free, and then each occurrence afterward will result in an after school detention. Please remind your students of these expectations.
  3. After school, students have from 2:23 until 2:45 to take care of any needs they may have. A warning bell sounds at 2:40, followed by a final bell and verbal reminder at 2:45. At 2:45 students must be at their athletic practice or designated area, at their club or activity, or need to leave campus. If a student is still waiting for a ride at 2:45, they can wait outside, or in the cafeteria, where we have supervision available. Any student found roaming the halls or in any unauthorized area will receive after school detention.
  4. WBHS is a closed campus for lunch. Students may not leave campus for lunch and return. This presents safety and learning issues when students leave campus. Students found to be getting out passes or leaving without permission will be considered skipping in an unauthorized area.

Finally, we understand that the parking lot can be pretty overwhelming at arrival and during dismissal. Please be patient, plan for traffic delays, and follow the expected flow. Students and parents must use the main lot for parking, pickup, and drop off. The drive in front of the building and along the south side of the building is reserved for bus traffic. The north lot near the athletic fields is reserved for staff parking. Students are not allowed to be picked up or dropped of in these areas. There is a traffic flow pattern in the main lot from the main entrance, through the lot, and up to the center walkway. Please follow this pattern to maximize timing, efficiency, and safety.

Proud to be a Laker!

Eric Pace

Principal - WBHS

WBHS Open House


    1. Open house will be IN PERSON on Wednesday, September 7th.

    2. 6:30 PM - 8:10 PM

      1. 1st Hour: 6:30-6:40

      2. 2nd Hour: 6:45-6:55

      3. 3rd Hour: 7:00-7:10

      4. 4th Hour: 7:15-7:25

      5. 5th Hour: 7:30-7:40

      6. 6th Hour: 7:45-7:55

      7. 7th Hour: 8:00-8:10

    3. Parents will visit all 7 classes, at 10 minutes per class.

    4. Teachers will introduce themselves, their syllabi, and will share about their classroom environments and expectations.

    5. OSTC, Michigan Virtual, Dual Enrollment, and Edgenuity will NOT be a part of Open House