True, False, or biased

2) Radioactive materials and radiation are unnatural – they did not exist on earth until created by scientists.

Radioactive materials and radiation are naturally occurring. Some elements are radioactive and they happened to be discovered by scientists, but they still existed prior to their discovery. It is true that some elements are man made that are radioactive, but not all of them. I can conclude that this statement is biased.

7) Home smoke detectors contain radioactive materials.

Smoke detectors contain a very small amount of Americium. Americium is a radioactive element, but the amount in the smoke detectors is minimal. The radioactive particles in the smoke detector maintain a electrical current. When this current is disrupted by smoke, the alarm will go off. These are some of the most accurate and fast responding smoke detectors. Therefor this statement is TRUE.

6) All radiation causes cancer.

Cancer is caused by a long build up of radiation over a long period of time. It is impossible to avoid radiation altogether, but limiting exposure is the best way to say cancer free. It is true that radiation can cause cancer, but some forms of it have a higher risk of causing cancer. Therefor I would deem this statement as biased. Due to the fact that some forms of radiation have yet to show significant effects on causing cancer.

8) Medical X-rays and all nuclear medical techniques are dangerous.

Medical X-rays and nuclear medical techniques are commonly practiced. Certain precautions are taken for all nuclear treatments. For example when you get an X-ray you wear a led vest to block some radiation. I would imagine if someone got five X-rays a day some degree of damage would show, but for normal circumstances its safe. This statement is biased.

1) All Nuclear processes create radioactive waste and there is no safe way to dispose of it.

There are ways of containing nuclear waste. Normally waste is stored in store houses. But in terms of disposing the waste, its a difficult task but there are ways to deal with it. New technologies are helping to find other methods of disposal. This statement is biased because their are ways of disposing nuclear waste.

9) Nuclear power plants create serious hazards to public health and to the environment.

People that live by nuclear power plants receive only a few more millirems per year then the average person. As long as the power plants are well maintained and monitored, the public's/environment health will be constant. This statement is False.

12) The average US citizen receives over 2000 millirems a year from radiation.

The average dose of radiation per year is around 360 millirems per person. This statement is completely false. The only way a US citizen could receive over 2000 millirems is if the person had a job with radiation, flied a lot, or chain smoked.

Letter to Mr. Z

I was very reluctant to do this project. Not only did I do this before, but my integrity was in question. I work very hard and I was disappointed that I would be accused of cheating. I feel like you danced around the word during the conference we had. But what I don't get is the fact that you watched me show two people my work, and yet you didn't say or do anything to stop me. Now that I look back my so called cheating was predetermined. I could careless about my grade, its the whole principle that has made me extremely upset. I would literally lie wake at night questioning myself, sometimes I thought that I actually cheated. But that isn't me nor what I stand for, I wont let my virtue be questioned. I was also surprised that your parents would whoop your ass if you were accused of cheating. The second my parents heard about this incident they stood by my side the whole time. I know that your teachings are shaped by your experiences and that we come from different backgrounds, but you can't predict the actions of others. I know that when you got accused of cheating you would get a zero. But I got put in the same group as the person that looked at my paper. It was degrading. That and if showing people my paper was cheating, how come the other person that looked at my paper wasn't penalized? I am glad that the person wasn't, but I don't get it. You suggested that I should move during parent teacher conferences, but I thought as long as I could keep myself in check I would be fine. Bringing me to my next point, why did you keep on bringing that up during our talk? We cannot predict human actions, we cannot control human actions, we cannot foresee into the future so how could that be a relevant argument. I have known Lexi for nine years, during the talk we had she was more concerned about if she could make it up. She didn't know that this was even happening and dismissed it. I felt sick, you think you know a person but obviously she had changed. I couldn't have imagined that my friendship with her could end so abruptly, I thank you for opening my eyes. But I despise the fact that a paper came between a childhood bond. I despise the fact that we ended on bad blood. I can't comprehend her lack of understanding the magnitude of what she had done. This brings me to my next point, if I can't trust a childhood friend how could I trust anyone else in the classroom? I realize your concern for finding me another partner for next semester, but scars like that don't heal in a week. Lastly we have known each other for a few months, I know your name and you know mine. But I am a fighter, I have strong morals and I feel hurt by this whole situation. This should have escalated as far as it did, and I wish we could have talked/negotiated this thing out. I feel like this situation sacrificed a friendship that could have lasted years to come. I am deeply saddened on how this turned out and I wish we could have had a better semester. I would have talked to you about this, but I took a lot of thought and consideration about the topic. For future references, please consider how the student is going interpret being accused of cheating. It damages pride, reputation, and integrity. Being accused of cheating is not normally taken lightly, use the word with care. If you have anything to say, or reply please send me an e-mail.

With all due respects
-Michela Hope Johnson


I wouldn't give CANE a chance. The whole operation seems extremely biased and false. Sure one or two things in total were true. But with the overwhelming false/biased statements the organization seems untrustworthy. I would give CANE the no.