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"Reaching For The Stars"

March 2023 Edition

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Teacher of the Year

Miss Megan Cowles-5th Grade Teacher

Introducing CJ Morris' Teacher of the Year for 2022-2023. Miss Megan Cowles was nominated by her colleagues for this esteemed honor. She is beyond committed to her students and cultivating the whole child. Miss Cowles was surprised by her parents on the day of her recognition.

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CJ Morris School Board Night

Each year, CJ Morris Elementary has the opportunity to present a Partner in Education and a Star Student to our district's Board of Trustees. A Partner in Education is a parent volunteer that goes the extra mile for CJ Morris. Our Partner in Education is Mrs. Jennifer Lizan. Mrs. Lizan has served our community for six years and is our current Co-Treasurer on Community Club. Our Star Student is 5th grader Isaac Torres. Isaac earned his award for his stellar perseverance! Go CJ Morris Team!

Partner in Education-Mrs. Jennifer Lizan

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Star Student-Isaac Torres

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Read Across America

Across the nation, schools will be celebrating literacy. We will be enjoying many literacy activities and dress-up days.

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Thank You for Supporting our McDonald's Night Out!

Family Dine Out-Ice Cream!

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Open House

Wednesday, March 29th, is our school-wide Open House from 6:00-6:50 p.m. The whole family is invited to attend. All of our classrooms will be open and we will be displaying the work and achievements of our students.

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No U-Turns on East Calle Baja Drive

Although there are no signs posted on East Calle Baja Drive stating that there are no U-Turns, it is illegal to make a U-Turn. When families make U-Turns, you put many other drivers at risk and impact the flow of traffic. Please follow the law and keep everyone safe. We are working with the city to post signs along the street.

CAASPP Testing 3rd-5th

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5th Grade Yearbook Dedications

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Website for Parents of English Language Learner Students

Our Elementary Learning Specialist, Mrs. Albiso, has created a website full of many resources and information for our parents of English Language Learners. Please click below to access the site. Mrs. Albiso is our English Language Coordinator. If you should have any questions about your child being an English Language Learner in WVUSD, please don't hesitate to email her at

Giving in Action Mural

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Community Club has installed our Giving in Action mural. Giving in Action Donors will receive personalized stars that will be attached to the Giving in Action Mural. Your family's name and star will be on the mural forever. What a wonderful way to leave your stamp on C.J. Morris for a lifetime!

You donations are directly used to benefit all CJ MORRIS Elementary School students. Donations are used for educational technology, art programs, equipment and field trips.

Click link below to donate.

$1000 - PLATINUM
Plaque (placed in the window cases within mural), special edition spirit gear, tote bag, lunch w/ administrative staff & star on mural

$ 500 - GOLD
Plaque (placed in the window cases within mural), special edition spirit gear, tote bag & star on mural

$300 - SILVER

Plaque (placed in the window cases within mural), tote bag & star on mural

$100 - BRONZE
Plaque (placed in the window cases within mural) & star on mural

Counselor's Corner

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Active Listening

Active Listening: This approach allows the child to “open up” to share his feelings.

An “I” message or “I” statement is a style of communication that focuses on the feelings or beliefs of the speaker rather than thoughts and characteristics that the speaker attributes to the listener.

Examples of “I” Messages

Many people do not communicate naturally with “I” statements, and it often takes some practice before a person can use them effectively. That said, generally everyone can learn to use “I” messages, including children.

Some examples of “I” statements:

A father wants his young child to stop calling him rude names during playtime.

Common response: “Hey! If you call me a rude name one more time, I’m going to send you straight to bed!”

“I” statement response: “I feel very sad when I hear rude words because they hurt my feelings. I like playing with people who use nice words.”

A teenage boy is annoyed with his parents, who ask him several times each night if he has completed his homework.

Common response: “Lay off me!”

“I” statement response: “I feel frustrated and annoyed when I am reminded over and over to do my homework. I am old enough now to complete my homework without reminders.”

Monthly Learner Profile Attribute of the Month: Risk-Takers

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For the month of March, we will be teaching our students what it means to be a Risk-Taker.

The IB Learner Profile aims to develop students who are risk-takers. Students who are risk-takers are able to approach unfamiliar situations and uncertainty with courage and forethought. They have the independence of spirit to explore new roles, ideas and strategies. Risk-takers are brave and articulate in defending their beliefs.

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How can parents help to develop students who are Risk-Takers at home?

  • If your child is feeling uneasy about trying something, encourage them to attempt it and have them reflect on how it felt.
  • Set short term goals. Consider activities that push your child out of their comfort zone. Encourage them to offer their opinion, spend time learning a new activity, try a different food, learn a new game or even to spend time with someone they don't usually spend time with.
  • Explain the difference between being a risk-taker (trying new things) and engaging in dangerous activities.
  • Ask, "What's the hard part?" to identify the challenge and brainstorm ways to fix it.
  • Click on the link for more suggestions
Habits of Mind Animations: Taking Responsible Risks
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Celebrate your child’s birthday with their name displayed on the CJM Marquee for the week of their birthday!

March-July Birthdays

Cost: $25

Submit your request on the Google Form below. The Front Office will email you when it is time to submit your payment to the front office with cash or a check (payable to CJMCC).Please fill out the Google Form for each child that you would like to honor.

*Proceeds will go towards the purchase of a new marquee for the school.

Google Form:

March School Calendar

February 27th-March 3rd

  • ELPAC (English Language Proficiency Assessment for California) State Testing. Our 3rd-5th grade English Language Learners will be taking their state test on reading, writing, speaking and listening.

March 1st

  • SSC (School Site Council) Meeting-CANCELLED

March 2nd

  • 1st Grade Dance Residency
  • Early Out Thursday

March 3rd

  • Student of the Month Awards K-2nd
  • Student of the Month and Trimester Awards-3rd grade

March 7th

  • Spring and Promotion Portraits-Picture Day. Information will be sent home.

March 9th

  • 1st Grade Dance Residency
  • Early Out Thursday
  • After School-Student Leadership

March 10th

  • Student of the Month and Trimester Awards for 4th and 5th

March 15th

  • Community Club Meeting 8:30 am in MPR. All are welcome to attend
  • 5th graders attend South Pointe Middle School Orientation
  • McDonald's Family Night Out

March 16th

  • 1st Grade Dance Residency
  • Superintendent Dr. Taylor and School Board Members visit CJ Morris
  • Early Out Thursday

March 17th

  • Spirit Dress Up Day-"Go Green!"
  • Tentative Matador March (Jog-a-thon). More details to come.

March 21st

  • State Testing 3rd-5th Parent Information Meeting in MPR at 8:30 a.m.
  • 2nd Grade Field Trip

March 23rd

  • Early Out Thursday

March 29th

  • Open House

March 30th

  • 1st Grade Dance Residency
  • Early Out Thursday
  • Scoopz Ice-Cream Family Dine Out

March 31st

  • Minimum Day

April 3rd-10th

  • Spring Break
  • Return to school on Tuesday, April 11th

Yearbook Order

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