Standardized Testing

Do they really show how much we know?

What standardized tests don't measure | Nikki Adeli | TEDxPhiladelphia


Standardized Testing does not prepare someone for life. There are so many factors that contribute to doing well on an ACT and doing poorly. What these standardized tests don't show is the work ethic of someone, how well they communicate with others, or how well they can handle multitasking. All factors that a future employer may look at.

What do Standardized Test really show?

These tests show how fast you can fill in bubbles and how much knowledge you have memorized and can answer on the spot in minimal time. Someone could have terrible test anxiety but a very high IQ and ultimately hide their true potential. Or on the contrast someone could go through high school receiving awful grades and then score a high standardized test score because of their lack of effort and not knowledge.
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All About The Profit

The ACT and SAT are simply a scam to make a business millions of dollars off students looking for a secondary education. If we are not getting rid of standardized tests I believe they should get rid of the charge that goes with them. College in itself is a lot and to be worried about the price of an entrance exam seems pretty unreasonable. Even if these test companies waived the fee for students who maintained a certain GPA it would become even more of an incentive to do well throughout high school.


Research shows a student's academic performance in high school-not their test scores-best predicts postsecondary success... Students with strong high school GPAs generally performed well in College, despite modest or low standardized test scores. In contrast, students with weak High school GPAs-even those with markedly stronger test scores-earned lower college GPAs and graduated at lower rates.


"I was convinced that the way college admission was being done left many very bright and able students with the short end of the stick. Why? Because standardized admission tests such as the SAT and ACT measure only a narrow segment of the skills needed to become an active citizen and possibly a leader who makes a positive, meaningful and during difference in the world."


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