Courage is a life saver

Penina 6-7

Development of Theme Analysis

In Freak the Mighty, the plot interacts with the characterization to develop the theme. With the plot, there is conflict and if there is no characterization to interact with, then how will the theme even exist? One example in Freak the Mighty, Loretta Lee saved Max from Killer Kane, and if there was no characterization to interact with the plot, then the theme would seice to exist. Another example is when Max and Kevin were at the mill pond with Tony D. If there was no characterization to interact with the plot then the theme would siece to exist. A quote that shows the theme in Freak the Mighty is, "What happened, they made a deal and Killer Kane pled guilty, which means he has to serve out the rest of his original sentence plus ten more years." (139).

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with the topic that courage can save you. I do think the author very well developed the theme toward the middle and end of the book. The author put examples in the book, like when when Max and Freak were at the mill pond with Tony D. aka Blade. A quote from that is, "Just then I hear the whoop of a siren and like a miracle this cop car comes out of nowhere, heading for the mill pond, and Blade takes one look and he and his punksters are out of there, burning rubber in their Reeboks."(31). This theme is relevant to our theme now because there are bullies who think better than us and bullies poor helpless citizens and crushes their dreams into the darkness of all eternity. And if you or somebody else has courage to help that poor citizens that is getting their dreams crushed, they will save them both out of the bulling situation.

Title of Book and Author Name

Courage can save you from bad problems. Like at school, people in Freak and Max's class were bullying them and saying some rude things. The Freak had the courage to ride on Max's back and then everybody started cheering and chanting their names. This bit of courage got them out of trouble.

Author Information

Freak the Mighty is a novel by Rodman Philbrick. The book was published in 1993. This book was soon followed by the second book Max the Mighty published in 1998. At the same time the film The Mighty directed by Peter Chelsom was released in 1998. The same year that the second book got published. (caution: the stuff down below is not true nor do I know how to get rid of it)