2nd Grade Newsletter

We are beginning the 3rd six weeks this week. Report cards from the 2nd six weeks are available through Skyward. If you would like a paper copy in the future, please contact the office. Remember you can check your child's grades anytime online through Skyward. If you do not know your parent login information, please contact the office for that information.

All in-person students, please bring water bottles and masks to school EVERYDAY. They are not allowed to use water fountains due to Covid policies. We only have very small, disposable cups for them to use.

Important Info from PTO

We have lots of good stuff happening with our PTO right now! Just this week, PTO was able to provide EVERY student with a pair of earbuds to use here at school and they are currently working on replacing the soccer nets for outside at recess! We are so fortunate to have your donations and support to help out with these things for our students this year.

Here are some *updated* dates and events from the PTO:

Now - November 18th: School Store - The Art Barn Studio. This will be in place of our normal Holiday Store in December. See the attached flyer below for more information or visit the following link!


Now - November 20th: Extended time to bring donations for Facebook silent auction **2nd grade is doing an arts and crafts baskets. Any arts and crafts items would be appreciated!

Now - November 20th: Spirit shirt sales continued in case you missed the first round! Visit the following link to get your spirit shirts!


November 17th: Spirit Night at Spring Creek (can go inside or to go pick up). See the attached flyer for more information.

December 10-13th: Silent Auction on Facebook.

What's for Lunch??

Click on the link below to view the November lunch menu.

November Lunch Menu

Instructional Focus

Language Arts- We will understand distinguishing characteristics of fables and edit drafts using the correct present tense verb.

Math- We will use place value to add and subtract 2 digit numbers with and without regrouping.

Science- We will investigate the effects on objects by increasing or decreasing the amounts of light, heat, or sound energy.

Social Studies- We will continue studying early Native Americans to understand how historical figures helped shape our community and nation.

Spelling List

Please remember to have your child practice their spelling words this week. See the picture below for fun ways to practice spelling at home.

  1. try
  2. tried
  3. spy
  4. spied
  5. tonight
  6. dimes
  7. strike
  8. spider
  9. pirate
  10. delight
  11. earth
  12. thought
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How can I support my child at home??

Because so much instruction was missed due to Covid, we have even more extensive ground to cover this year in 2nd grade. Your support at home can ensure the growth needed to be ready for third grade. Here are some easy things you can do at home to solidify their learning.

1. Read! Read! Read! Your child can read to you. You can read to your child. You can take turns reading to each other. Any reading time with your child promotes reading growth.

2. Have your child talk about what they read. Retell the story in correct order from beginning to end. They can use the book to help. Ask them to use characters names, not just he or she.

3. Ask them about what we're learning in math. Have them show you on a piece of paper. Talking about learning after the fact solidifies concepts. I also allows you to see if there is something that is still confusing or unclear for them.

4. Practice skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's. This is a basic numeracy skill that many students are lacking and is the basis of so many other math skills.

5. Practice counting on and back from different numbers other that 1. This will make addition and subtraction, even with larger numbers, much easier.

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Personal Devices and Schoology Support

Please continue to supply headphones, a personal mouse if desired, and their device daily.

Don't forget to charge them nightly.

If you have any problems with Schoology please contact the support line.



Virtual Students

Be on the look out for Mrs. Henry's newsletter specifically to virtual parents. Since virtual instruction and in-person have different sets of challenges, she will be addressing ways parents at home can support and extend instruction after live lessons. Since her instructional time is limited, your involvement is essential to ensure academic success.

Don't forget the following.

  1. All assignments must be submitted by 11:59 pm every night.
  2. Rotation assignments are required and should be completed by the end of the week.
  3. PE is on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  4. Art is on Tuesday.
  5. Music is on Thursday.
  6. Students are required to complete 20 minutes of Dreambox and 20 minutes of Lexia daily.

In-Person Students

When your child comes to school please make sure they have the following things.

  1. A fully charged Chromebook
  2. headphones or earbuds
  3. water bottle (every day)
  4. masks for arrival and dismissal
  5. Tennis Shoes for PE
  6. jackets
  7. snacks (optional)

Teacher Contact Information

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