Watershed and Ocean Ecosystem

Written By Dylan Villanueva


Over fishing negatively effects the ocean ecosystem by taking fish faster than they can be put back.

The UN Food Agriculture Organization have put a regulation on how mutch fish can be pulled out.

Oil Spils

Oil spills can harm living things cause its chemical constituents are poisonous.

Watchtower defense go and help with the cleaning of oil spills.


Polluting the oceans are harming organisms by them getting caught in the trash in the oceans from human pollution.

Watchtower Defense go and pick up the pollution off the beach so it dose not go into the ocean.

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Runoffs bring bad chemicals into the streams and rivers that we get our water from.

People are putting filters in the river and lakes to minimize the chemicals in the water.

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Offshore drilling

Offshore drilling effects the ocean by a pipe bursting and could create a oil spills.

To help with offshore drilling they are making solutions for stuff that could go wrong .

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