MB's Multi 1-2 Classroom News

Edition 5

Some Highlights From the Last Two Weeks In Room # 128!

Now this just needs to stop!!! Time continues to fly by!!! The middle of October already!!! Fortunately even though time is flying by, we are accomplishing so much. What fun we had at Giles Orchard. Thanks again to all the parent volunteers. We continued with the apple theme this week and learned about, and then became producers and consumers, as we made and ate applesauce. We used the recipe from Ryan Higgins' book "Bruce's Big Move!". We also watched a few videos about producers and consumers, and saw applesauce in production at a factory. We partnered up and completed a producer and consumer matching card game. We each took a turn at making the applesauce by chopping up the apples. Individuals produced their own mini poster showing the outside and inside of an apple and labeling all of the apple parts. Students will be sharing those via the See Saw app this week. After we ate our applesauce, together we wrote a how to, or in our case a recipe, for Grammy Tootie's Appleasauce. We will pass out this recipe during our Parent Student Teacher Conference, which will be here before we know it! REMINDER: Conferences are Nov. 2nd and Nov. 7th, and everyone is all signed up! WOOT WOOT!

Daily 5 CAFE AMAZING!!!!!

Reading, Writing, Listening, Working with Words...OH MY!!

Daily 5 CAFE is going wonderfully. We are able to do a round in the morning and another round at the end of the day. Students check in with their choice as soon as they arrive. Nice job Daily 5 Check In folks! The students have made this a weekly job for two people. Right now the check in is on a paper form. In about a month the check in will be live and online! Each day the students also take part in a focus lesson on a particular reading strategy, or listen to and comprehend the read aloud. Almost all of the beginning of the year language arts assessments are complete!!!! Students will be meeting with Shannon and MB in small groups and individually to talk about their reading, writing, and work work, and set goals to improve. The best way to become a better reader and writer is to...READ AND WRITE!!!!

Content Classes

Math, Word Study, Math & Writing Workshops

Content Classes have begun and are in full swing! For an hour each morning our class meets with Mrs. Langelier for Math Workshop, or Writing Workshop with MB. In the afternoon, we meet as grade level classes with Mrs. Langelier for grade level instruction in math, or MB for word study focusing on encoding or written words. Soon Mrs. Langelier and MB will be hosting an information night explaining this way cool process!

WELLS Fire Fighters Visited WES to Talk About Fire Safety! Fire Fighter Phil is coming in a few weeks!!!

I Wonder Wednesdays

Simple Machines/Paper Tube Playgrounds

Click on the button below to visit our classroom website and see all of our videos explaining how we used simple machines to create paper tube playgrounds! Students have posted their team's video to their See Saw online learning journal.