Nicky's awsome story

all about me


I have three brothers, one sister ,a stepdad,dad and a mom .My stepdad was in the army.One of brothers and sisters live in Gorgia.I spend most of time with my family.My mom tries to find fun things for us to do or new things.Like going to kid miania.


  1. playing outside
  2. video game's
  3. riding bikes
  4. playing with my kitten tiger

fun facts

Me and my family go on many vacations like to disney world,the beach,and camping.Camping was the best.There was archery boats and arts and crafts.We also like to do lots of fun things together like going to the pool,kid mania,the beach


  1. Jack
  2. Dylan
  3. Russell

More fun facts

I love star wars.My favorate characaters are
  1. Luke
  2. Obi wan
  3. Leia
  4. Aanakin skywalker

I also love marvel super heros and villans/super villans those characaters are

  1. Spider man
  2. CaptenAmarica
  3. loki

The video games I like are

  1. Plants.v.s.zombies
  2. Any raceing game
  3. crossy road
  4. smashy road
  5. monster crafter pro
  6. lego video games
  7. star wars the force unleashed