Zero not a Hero

~Andrew Jackson~

Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson hated the Indians but loved the land that they lived on even though their land got smaller and smaller. The reason why he loved the land so much is because he found out that there was gold on there land. So he said if any Native american is caught mining, there going to get arrested. Slowly the US army took away there land till they had nothing left.

The Trail of Tears Movement

Andrew Jackson gave orders to the US army to get all the native Americans and round them up and push them west towards Oklahoma, across the Mississippi river. Thousands of Indians died of starvation, diseases and of the cold winter weather.

Andrew Jackson Shuts down national Bank!

Andrew Jackson didn't like the national bank because he thought that the bank was only their for the wealthy men and not the poor men. The bank was apart of the north where the rich men lived because more manufacturing and industry jobs paid good in the north. He didn't like the bank because he grew up as a poor family and he represented the "common man", that's why lots of people voted for him. So Jackson tries and shuts the bank down about 5 times and he fails, but the 5th time he finally succeeds.