Second Grade News


Students will use a narrative writing checklist to decide on a writing goal for themselves.

What do I need to work on to improve my own writing?

We will also take a closer look at our Mentor texts. Students will try some of these moves out in their own stories.


Students will learn about writing GREAT sticky notes as they read to help with comprehension.

What should you write a sticky note about?

When should I write a sticky note?

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Students will use the base 10 block strategy to add and subtract numbers this week. This strategy based learning will help students understand that when adding 3 digit numbers they are adding/subtracting hundreds to hundreds, tens to tens, and ones to ones.
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Social Studies / Science

We will continue learning about the vocabulary in our country's constitution on Monday.

In Science students will participate in experiments involving melting. We will identify solids and liquids, discuss their properties, and understand why/how those states of matter change.

Second Grade Gardens

We are so excited about our school gardens! This year the second graders are going to raise veggies for The Cora Food Pantry here in town. Last week we planted broccoli, collards, lettuce and spinach. Lowes Home Improvement donated the plants. We have pumpkins, squash, and cucumbers growing as well.

In the future look for upcoming food drives to help teach our students about our community.

Curriculum Night

Tuesday, Sep. 20th, 6pm

Pittsboro Elementary

Please join us to learn a little more about our curriculum and activities in second grade.

Early Release Day

Wednesday, Sep. 28th, 11:30am

Pittsboro Elementary

Monster Dash

Saturday, Oct. 15th, 8am

375 Pittsboro Elementary School Road

Pittsboro, NC

This is a PTA fundraiser. Registration forms can be found in the front office or online.