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Week of September 29

Grobe's Corner

This week we finished our novel, The One and Only Ivan, and the students continued to practice their literature circle procedures! In just a few weeks they will be responsible for reading a literature circle book on their own and conduct their very own book talks! Be looking for LITERATURE CIRCLE HOMEWORK GUIDELINES soon!

We also continued working on the writing craft of a personal narrative. Along with writing a story about an unforgettable moment, my kiddos focused on the parts of speech within a sentence and how each part is a very important part of the writing process.

I am very impressed with how much they have absorbed thus far, and I am exited to see them reach their full potential this year! Don't forget to check out my website for more class pictures, past newsletters, and tons more info!

Many Blessings,

Destine' Grobe

Morris' Corner

This week in Math we finished our unit on decimals. The kids played games, worked on a review and much more to solidify their knowledge of decimals. Next week, we will slowly start introducing fractions. We will start the week by looking at pictures and stating the fraction of the picture. Then we will work on decomposing fractions in as many ways possible. I am looking forward to a Fun Fraction Week!

In Science we started our Plant Life Unit. We started at the basics by just discussing different types of seeds and their parent plants. The kids drew a picture of the plant life cycle in their journal as a reference for this unit. Next week, we will start to discuss different plant roots.

***Every week we have a fact test, please make sure that your kids are studying their facts daily. It is very important that all facts are memorized this year.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Morris

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Grobe's Bloggers of the Week

Congrats Louis and Claire

Every week my kiddos are asked to blog about one thing they learned in my class. This helps me in seeing their learning connections and growth, as well as helps me know if I need to reteach any content. Each week I will choose one Blogger of the Week from each of my classes and feature them in our newsletter, in our hall, and on my website!

Happy Reading,

Mrs. Grobe

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Spelling Words and Test

Every week the kids are required to learn a list of spelling and vocabulary words. To make this more engaging and fun, the 4th grade ELAR teachers have created an account with an interactive website called Spelling City. Each week kids can use the following link to log on and play games with their spelling words. All this will lead up to a spelling test on Friday.

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