StarWalk Kids Media

One of the more popular resources provided by Northwest AEA includes eBooks. In addition to the popular offerings from Scholastic which include BookFlix, TrueFlix and FreedomFlix, we also have a subscription to StarWalk Kids Media. This collection includes 521 titles, many of which include narration. Every title also has unlimited, simultaneous access as well. Each title in StarWalk Kids Media also includes Teaching Links which provide activities which support Common Core State Standards. You can access StarWalk Kids Media from Northwest AEA's online resources page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the educator's resources. Use your Iowa AEA Online username/password to access. Students can access StarWalk Kids Media resources from the MackinVia portal. If you'd like to know more about StarWalk Kids Media, feel free to contact the AEA for additional information.

Suggested November Books

The book, Nickommoh! A Thanksgiving Celebration shares information about a harvest celebration called Nickommoh. Nickommoh had been celebrated before the Pilgrims arrived in New England. A glossary and author's note provides additional details about the connection between Nickommoh and the "first Thanksgiving."

The Story of the First Thanksgiving shares the story of the first Thanksgiving, but in addition includes interactive features that includes easy-to-follow drawing lessons. Young readers can reproduce the book's characters, costumes and settings.

For more suggested November titles, visit the StarWalk Kids Media site.

eBook Trailer: NICKOMMOH! by Jackie French Koller
eBook Trailer: THE STORY OF THE FIRST THANKSGIVING by Elaine Raphael and Don Bolognese