cyber bulling

how t o prevent it.

1. to prevent it

to prevent cyber bulling you have to not tell where you live, and not any other information about if any one asks you delete their account off of friends lists unless you truly know them.

2.why you should stay away from people you don't know.

like if you don't know if someones has been added to your thing erase it right away.or just not talk to the person that came on your account.

3.How to stop a person bulling you

tell your mom about it so she will tell the school. tell a teacher so they will tell the parents so the kid will get kick off the internet for like a week and ma by he will change to a better person.

5.if they ask pacifick questions

you should block them off what ever your doing like garfield below.

6.what to do if they don't stop

tell the principle or you could just stand up to them. should en ore people posting bad things

so you can simply go to another thing like games, or guest go to you tube to watch funny videos if your down sad.