Origami Owl Flies into Canada

Join our "North West Owl Nest" and enjoy amazing benefits!

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This truly is an incredible company and a fantastic business opportunity.

Origami Owl® Custom Jewelry began in 2010 when 14-year-old Founder Bella Weems had a simple dream of getting a car by the time she turned sixteen. (See the video below.) She created a line of meaningful, customizable jewelry, including its signature Living Lockets® which can be personalized with an individual's own life journey.

Fast forward four years and Origami Owl, a national social selling company and Inc. Hire Power Award recipient is fulfilling its mission to be a force for good; to love, inspire and motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams and empower them to make a difference in the lives of others. Based in Chandler, Arizona Origami Owl boasts hundreds of employees headquartered in Chandler and more than 60,000 independent sales consultants, referred to as Designers, throughout the US and Puerto Rico. These entrepreneurs sell the unique line at in-home parties called Jewelry Bars®.

In March 2015 Origami Owl launched in Canada, so this is the perfect time to start your own business.

The Origami Owl Story - Bella's Journey

The Owlette Program

The Owlette Program is what truly sets Origami Owl apart from other companies. This program helps to prepare young adults, aged 12-17, by teaching them practical business skills, boosting their confidence and developing leadership skills. Affectionately known as Owlettes, these future leaders receive exclusive training through the Origami Owl Hoot Academy: A network of fellow Owlettes, personal development and business curriculum and bi-monthly webinars with Origami Owl founder, Bella Weems and other special guests.

Watch the video below about Madi Butcher to see how she benefitted from the Owlette program.

Our Jewelry

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