Tapp MS Counseling Mission

The Tapp Middle School Counseling mission is to provide all students with equal access to a standards-based, comprehensive, School Counseling program which empowers them with skills to become self-directed learners and grow into productive citizens. This mission encompasses preparation of all students for academic success , rewarding and meaningful lives in an ever-changing society.

How Tapp MS Counselors Support Students, Parents & The School Community

Tapp MS Counselors work in collaboration with parents, teachers and the community to assist in the growth and development of students as they progress through school. Also, they work with students in the areas of academic, personal/social and career development to help students gain the greatest benefit from their school experience.

As your Tapp MS School Counselors, our goal is to provide all students with opportunities for positive growth experiences through either individual support, small groups or classroom lessons. Small counseling groups are offered throughout the year for students that need additional academic/personal/social support. Parents who have concerns about their student(s) may contact their grade level counselor.

We are here for you!

Student Support Services Team

(In School) Community Counseling Support

For Students--Request to See Counselor

For Request to see Counselor for Students. Whether at school or at home students can request to see their school counselor at any time

Tapp Parents & Guardians Survey

We want to ensure that your student receives the support to help them succeed both in and out of school.. Please complete one form for each child that attends Tapp MS. No worries.. Your answers will be kept strictly confidential.

New to Tapp? New Student Survey

For students who are New to Tapp (transferred, out of state or country)

TAPP Student Ambassadors- Peer Leaders & New Student Support

A Student Ambassador is someone that will represent our school positively and help build community within our school. Student Ambassadors are asked to provide new students with an introduction to Tapp MS by giving them a tour of the school, helping them with their locker, introducing them to their teachers, school programs, Tapp P.R.I.D.E. and providing them with a familiar face throughout the school year. Each new student will attend the New Student Mixer Orientation in the Fall, follow up in the Spring. and assigned to a SA for the year!


  • Program Advisor: Mrs. Manning, Counselor (8th & 7th (M-Z), Tapp Administration
  • 2018-2019 Community Sponsor: McEachern Church

Your 2018-2019 Student Ambassadors:

Tapp Student Ambassadors 18-19
Needs Assessment Survey for Teachers

Teachers, please complete this survey for classroom school counseling sessions, groups. etc

Bullying Survey (6th-8th)

Bullying Survey for all 6th-8th Grade Students


For Parents- Understanding Bullying & Teasing



En Espanol:

Entendiendo Bromear vs Lastimar Comportamiento de Burla y Acoso


News & Resources You Can Use:

ACT Prep Academy- For All K-12TH Grade Students, Parents & Teachers:

It's FREE---Click on the link below


Raise your students to the next level!

ACT Academy provides free resources for students that are unique to their learning gaps. It also helps them to strengthen their skills and prepares them for college. Access the best resources from top publishers, all in one place, and accurately aligned to standards.

*Khan Academy, in addition to over 2300 academic standards-based tools for all subjects are included to help students succeed.

8th Graders Interested in getting a Job?

8th Graders/Parents....Need a Work Permit? Click on the link below:

Summer Vacation is just around the corner and you need a permit in order to apply for Summer jobs! Be sure to complete this with your parent or guardian.

Applying For a Work Permit in Georgia. Minors aged 14 and 15 who are seeking employment in Georgia must obtain a work permit prior to beginning employment. The process for obtaining a work permit is simple and can be started online. A link to begin the process is provided below:


2019-UPCOMING EVENTS- Don't Miss Out!


  • Pebblebrook Performing Fine Arts Visit on January 22nd. 8th Grade Student Auditions for Magnet Program on February 11th @9:30a.m. (Music, Dance, Performing Arts)


  • McEachern Visit to Tapp- 8th Grade Students will attend session to learn more about courses and elective registration for classes -February 6th
  • Rising 9th Grade Elective Course Selections- Election forms should be returned by February 11, 2019.


  • National College Fair at Ga. Int'l Convention Center-(FREE). March 3rd, 12noon-4p.m.)You have to register per student/parent. Small Parking Fee- Further details are here:


  • 8th Grade Students will visit McEachern High School on March 25th.


  • Georgia Milestones
  • 8th Grade Trip to SCAD April 9, 2019
  • 8th Grade Visit to Kennesaw University April 9, 2019


  • 8th Grade Dance
  • 8th Grade Olympic Day

2019-Upcoming 6th Grade Events- Mrs. Bailey ,Counselor

Tapp 6th Grade Students & Parents:

Articulation begins this week! This is the time of year when Mrs. Bailey, 6th Grade School Counselor goes over to feeder schools to present to all rising 6th grade students (Compton, Varner, Dowell Elementary).

Upcoming Dates:

Varner- Wednesday Jan. 30th

Dowell- Thursday Jan. 31st

Compton- Wednesday Feb. 6th

Cobb Virtual Academy

Cobb Virtual Academy (CVA) is an online program that works directly with students and delivers online courses. CVA is not a school -- it is a supplemental program serving students currently enrolled in CCSD schools. by offering high school courses during both the regular school year (fall and spring terms) and summer term. Students have the opportunity to take online courses for high school credit in addition to their regular school schedule for a fee. There is no fee when students take online courses as part of their regular school schedule.

For more information visit:


or Contact CVA Directly:

Email: CobbVirtualAcademy@CobbK12.org

Phone: 678-581-6791

Magnet Programs for High School- 8th Grade Students Only


Congradulations to our Tapp MS 8th grade tudents who were accepted into Cobb County Magnet Programs for the upcoming 2019-2020 Year! We are so proud of you!

For more information on other Advanced Learning , Saturday & Summer Programs:

Parents please visit the websites and be sure to register as soon as registration opens to ensure a reservation for your student(s). Call them directly if you have questions:

Cobb County School: http://academics.cobbk12.org/index.php/ad/tl/apl/advanced-learning/

100 Plus Summer Enrichment Programs:http://blackexcel.org/summer-progs.htm

Camps for Gifted Students: https://giftedatlanta.com/summer-programs/

(**Note: The list of camps is not only for gifted but for all students)

Georgia Tech: https://www.ceismc.gatech.edu/ceismc-summer-peaks

UGA: https://www.admissions.uga.edu/connect-with-us/precollegiate-programs

Emory University for Gifted & Talented (Ages 5-17): https://www.giftedstudy.org/index.asp

Mercer: https://myp.mercer.edu/myu/

Note: Registration for Mercer's Youth Programs opens up March 19, 2019

Georgia State University. Saturday School for Scholars & Leaders:


Upcoming Camps:

Kennesaw State University ( For 3rd-8th graders) Stem Saturday Classes: Click on the link to sign up:


Class is on January 26, 2019

Cool Coding and Rocking Robotics II

9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Cost: $25

New and current students are invited to attend this fun session with our Alpha robot. This session builds upon binary code and coding languages, along with coding and robotics activities that are super fun and interesting. Come and explore with coding tools such Sphero, Ozobots, Cozmo, Lynx and Coji. This is one session you don’t want to miss.

Class is on February 23, 2019

3D Modeling and Printing

9:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Cost: $25

Bring your 3D creations to life in this new introductory session. Learn to design and print your very own 3D creations! The course will uncover the core processes behind 3D printing and reveal some of the most powerful capabilities of the 3D printing revolution.

Kennesaw Contact info:


PHONE: 470-578-7592

FAX: 470-578-9015


Dual Enrollment is a program that provides funding for students at eligible high schools that are enrolled to take approved college-level coursework for credit towards both high school and college graduation requirements.

Move On When Ready(MOWR)- For 8th Grade Students & Parents

Georgia’s Move On When Ready (MOWR) dual enrollment program provides students an early start on their college careers by earning college credits while still in high school, and offers challenging academic experiences to qualified students



Click on the link below to get to the website:


Student Direct Portal for 8th Grade IGP:


GA DOE Career Clusters/Pathways:


What is Career Cruising?

Career Cruising (www.careercruising.com) provides numerous activities that students may complete during classroom guidance lessons, advisement, small group meetings, or individual exploration. Below are the required activities your students will complete in middle school using Career Cruising:

Sixth Grade Students will complete a Learning Styles Inventory to discover how they learn and retain information. (auditory, tactile, visual)

Seventh Grade Students will complete Career Cruising Matchmaker which is an interactive survey that “matches” interests to various careers. They will also explore and save three career clusters to their portfolios. The results from Matchmaker can serve as the foundation of career and college exploration .

Eighth Grade Students will save (3) occupations of interest to their portfolios. Students will also complete an (IGP) Individualized Graduation Plan based on the data from previous Career Cruising activities. This plan will be used throughout high school to assist students and parents with course selection.



Tapp MS Parents & Students, this is a great tool to monitor grades, missing assignments and academic progress. If you need log in assistance, you will need to go into the front office with DL/ID to request log-in access. You may also email our Parent-Vue Coodinator:

Tapp MS

Joacey Bautista-Fraser



Student Success Groups:

Please Note: If you sign your student up for more than one group then they will be placed in the next group session. Ex. You/your student signs up for Binder Busters in January then they will be placed on the list for the next student success group or an individual session
Binder Busters Bootcamp Survey for Students (Required)

All students can sign up for the binder busters bootcamp scheduled throughout the year. However, the sessions in January 2019 are for 8th grade only. Scroll down for further details


Binder Busters/Organizational Skills BootCamp -- 6th & 7th Grade Mrs. Manning, Counselor

Wednesday, March 20th, 12:30-3pm

Tapp MS Auxilary Room

Binder Busters is a foundational intervention(T-2) program for struggling students to help them develop and maintain basic organizational skills. Students will participate in research-based exercises and activities. Students will attend bootcamp classes and are provided the support, training, inspection and retraining. Students can self-refer or be referred by parents or staff members. First come, first serve basis. Please RSVP HERE or email your grade level counselor if you are interested in participating. Participants/Parents/Guardians will recieve 3-Day Bootcamp permission letter with detailed information.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Fixed vs Growth Mindset School Counseling Lesson

Students will attend an interactive classroom school counseling session that explains a Fixed Mindset vs. a Growth Mindset. Students will learn about their brain and its ability to stretch and grow, goal setting and how to develop a growth mindset. Based upon the work of Carol Dwerk and curriculum by Lisa King.

For Students- Growth Mindset:


For Parents/guardians: What is the Fixed vs. Growth Mindset about?



For Parents, Teachers & Students-_Growth Mindset for students with Intellectual Disabilities. Listen to this impactful TedTalk with Loretta Claiborne:


6th Grade Success University, Study Skills-- Mrs. Bailey, Counselor

Thursday, Jan. 10th, 11:30am

3900 Macedonia Road

Powder Springs, GA

6th Grade Success University (Study Skills): Many students need additional study skills support to help with their academic success. This small group is designed to promote beneficial study skills, organization, and growth mindset skills. The purpose of the study skills small group is to help students maximize the learning process. This will require a commitment of time, effort, motivation, and discipline to explore all avenues leading toward school success.

Meeting days:

Duration- 6 weeks

Introduction Session- 12/12/18

Every Thursday beginning January 10th 2019

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Sports & Athletics- Ga Middle School Athletic Association- Articles- NCAA Eligibility

Region 1: Class 7


Article on Youth Sports Safety & Injury Prevention:


FOR PARENTS & STUDENT-ATHLETES- Learn what it takes to be eligible to play sports in College:


Note: Other Counseling Resources/Agencies are available- See Tapp MS School Counselors