Language Arts 9 Mobile Apps

Using Apps to enhance education!

Unit Objectives:

A. We will be taking a look at the various kinds of poetry, analyzing poems, and using poetry for storytelling such as plays.

B. Introduction to Shakespeare's plays and the language that is used in the plays.

C. ​Creating a portfolio of poems as the unit goes on using mobile apps.

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American Poetry

This app does cost $1.99 however the information that it contains is great. It takes a look at older types of poetry from the 'Granparents' of poetry with authors such as Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson. The app would be great for once we start taking a look at analyzing poetry. A good start to later get into looking at Shakespearean types of writing. To download the app click here!

Different Types of Poetry!

This video below will give you a good introduction to the various types of poetry we will be discussing and creating during this unit.
Types of Poetry

Poetry Daily

This is a FREE app available on iTunes that be found here! This app has a collection of poems that are all new content. Chosen from books, journals, magazines etc. Everyday new poems are added to build on the portfolio of poems in the app. This mobile app would be great to look at modern poetry and different poem styles. It would be a great start to objective A. where we will be looking at an analyzing different kinds of poems. What style of poetry was used and what story was being told.
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This app is FREE and contains plays, sonnets and poems all authored by Shakespeare. We will be reading Romeo & Julliet in this unit. This app holds that play as well has a glossary of Shakespeare's language he uses in his plays. It is a great resource to understand the context of his plays. An overall useful app to use for this unit. To download this app thou shall click here.
iPadagogy - App Review - Shakespeare Tutorial

Poetry Everywhere

This app is FREE! It is a collection of short story poetry videos featuring modern poets reading their own work. The app would be great for auditory learners so the poetry could be read out to you. Just a different way to analyze and approach poetry. It would be great for strengthening the comprehension of poetry for the final assignment of creating your own pieces of work. To see this app click here!
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Verses Notebook

This app costs $1.99 however it would be a great suggestion for creating the poetry portfolio. This app is great as it keeps the poetry that was created saved on the app. As well a rhyming dictionary and a list of synonyms are included as an aid to help with building the poems. Overall a great app! To purchase it click here!
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A FREE app to download that would assist in tutorials etc in any subject. YouTube has expanded to a huge domain in the last couple of years. On this website students are able to look for more help specifically in poetry whether that be explaining different kinds of poetry or listening to audiobooks for additional help in the subject. To download the app click here. This application is more to aid you with the unit of poetry in general, or a great way to look at tutorials in other subjects.