Battle of Atlantic

WW2 Great Britain relied on Atlantic waterways as paths

location of the battle

In July U.S. marines landed in Iceland to preempt any use of Germany naval vessel. Meeting secretly aboard warships in North Atlantic the Prime Minister and Roosevelt announced the Atlantic Charter.

Dates the battle was fought

Sunday, Dec. 7th 1941 at 12am

North Atlanta, GA, United States

Brookhaven, GA

The day WW2 began and fought around the Atlantic ocean between America and Japan with Germany along.

Nations that were involved

German U-boats waged a relentless campaign against shipping in Atlantic, threatening allied efforts in North Africa and Europe in the Pacific. American submarines played a role in taking down Japan and destroying enemy merchant fleet.

Battle of Atlantic goals

The goal that the Americans wanted to do was attempt inflict measure of damage on Allie forces at sea.

Key military tactics

The Battle of Atlantic tactic was to call for a delaying attack on convoy until sufficient U-boats could be in a position that make a massed organization surprise and number of attack on the U-boats.

Outcome of battle

In April 1943 U-boats struggled to make a impact and allied destruction of German submarines that began to escalate 45 were destroyed in April and May. Donitz decided that the U-boats operation on May 23, 1943. Germans succeeded and produce their new types of super-submarines.

Long lasting impact of battle

1,231 submarines that sunk represented the loss of a huge investment on part of the parent countries while making a contribution in combating their opponent. The submarines cost their nations a lot of money and never achieved decisive result on their own.