Cambrian Period

Come back o the start of all living things

Major Geological Events

The Cambrian Period is the first geological time period of the Paleozoic Era (the “time of ancient life”). It was called the "Cambrian Explosion" it brought many new life forms to earth. This period of time was just before the Ordovician period about 490 million years ago. There were some fossils that marked mass extinction because there were these worms that dug holes and left fossils alone with many other fossils.


It was cold during the Cambrian time but, gradually getting warmer. At this time, no life forms yet existed on land; all life was aquatic. The ocean floor was covered in a think layer of oxygen-free mud above a mat of microbial life. Later there was a extinction event that was called the "Cambrian Explosion".


The Most dangerous thing is the Anomalocaris an animal with an exoskeleton like an arthropod, but it didn't have legs so it was not a true arthropod. This animal ate worms, mollusks, and trilobites. Also many of the animals have defense poisons to keep predators away. These are all dangers of the Cambrian Period. Also the other dangers are the explosion that wiped out much life.


In the Cambrian Period land had no living things on it like today. But under water coral reefs were being built slowly out of the remains of some dead animals. Also, All of the life forms are at the bottom of the oceans so in order to see them you need to go under water. On land it can be VARY hot but it is slowly cooling down.

Things To Bring

In order to see the life you need to bring something that can help you get around under water such as, flippers, oxygen tank, and more. You will need a boat or submarine. If you are on land you will need fans, shelter, A/C, and transportation.