Learn all about Japan

Just The Begining

Today you will learn about Japan in my essay. I hope you all enjoy it. Japan is located in Asia. Japan has no official bordering countries because Japan is a island. The bodies of water next to Japan are the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea. Japan's capital is Tokyo. There's also a Tokyo tower, and there is also a Asakusa shrine there too! The official language is Kotaku. There is about 126.66 million people that live in Japan. There are two major ethnic groups that live in Japan. There is the Yatamo and the Korean. There are also 3 major religons in Japan. The Shinto, Buddhism, and Christian. the percent for Shinto is 55%. The Buddhism is 44%. The percent for Christian is 1%.


The Education in Japan

In Japan, little kids start school at age 6. Some people start school at the age of 5 and 6 in America. Japanese people attend school for a average of 18.7 years The percentage of kids in Japan who know how to read and write is 99%, But the American literate is 75%.


Form of Goverment

Japan does not have a president. They have an Emperor and a prime minister. The people do not elect the prime minister directly. Members of parliament choose the prime minister.


Exports and Import

An export is when you send something from one country to another. An import is where another country sends something to your country.
Japan's major exports are iron, steel, and electronics, like cameras or computers.Japan's major imports are military apparels and footwear, precious metals, copper, fuel oil, and aluminum.



In Spring, it is a good time to be in Japan. It is nice, warm and sunny. In Summer, it starts to get dreary. In Autumn, it is a good time to be in Japan. Plus, you get to see the cool colored leaves too! Japan has exhaustible energy resources and produces a lot of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Nuclear power provides about 35% of Japan's electricity.

Interesting Facts and Natural Resources

Japan is one of the World's best selling countries. Video games, monster movies and electronics are all made in Japan. Surprisingly, their only natural resources are fish and rice. I hope you guys enjoyed learning all about Japan.Japan's natural resources are fish and agricultural products, such as rice.