Atlantis shuttle missions

Out of the five shuttles that went into space; Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour, the Atlantis was one of three surviving shuttles.
Space shuttle Atlantis final launch: NASA video of last take-off
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STS-132 mission

The atlantis shuttle missions were designed to send supplies and spare parts to the international space station. The STS-132 mission acomplished and docked the space station in the picture above.
Space shuttle Atlantis begins Florida retirement

Atlantis begins retirement.

The Atlantis was turned into a museum piece. It will be a star attraction at the Kennedy Space center visitor Complex in Florida.
Shuttle Atlantis under wraps until summer 2013

Atlantis under wraps until 2013

Atlantis was wrapped 16,000 feet of shrink wrap to prevent any damage from construction from the building.
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President Obama under the Atlantis landing gear

CFLT5: Inside Space Shuttle Atlantis at KSCVC

Inside the Atlantis

Members of the media tour the flight deck of the Atlantis Space shuttle.
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Night Landing

The STS-135 completed the 33rd and final mission at night. It was the 26th night landing in the history of the Space Shuttle Program.

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Fireworks welcome the Atlantis Shuttle to the Kennedy Space Center