School Ukulele and Guitar Lessons

Are you interested in learing to play a new instrument?

Would you like to join a small group music lesson?

Kesslyn is interested in giving personal lessons to students at PVA School. Students will learn the basics of ukulele and guitar playing. They will focus mainly on chords and reading basic tabs. This class will prepare the students to play worship songs from the book "He is Our Song." Students will work toward a goal of playing at Morning Worship as well as other worship settings.

Every Tuesday and Thursday @ Lunch Break

Talk to Kesslyn if you want to sign up! Bring your instrument if you have one, or inquire about borrowing. We can't wait to get started!

Meet the Instructor!

Kesslyn Fleck is a home-school student in the ninth grade. She attended PVA School in the eighth grade. She taught herself to play guitar, and learned to play the ukulele in Hawaii. She has been playing these instruments for about five years, and wants to spread her love for music with others!