More money for the space program???


I think funding for NASA should be increased because we are the only country without an active space program, the space program actually helps the economy, and because without it we are falling behind in technology, and science practices.

Inactive Space Program

Our space program is the only inactive major space program and because of that we are the only major power not operating in space. As a result we could seem more vulnerable and weaker and because of that people will be more likely to attack us.
NASA invested over six point five billion dollars in California and Texas alone this is a major thing because it helped the economy and also allowed Texas, California, and all the other states to create more jobs and also create a better economy.
When America first went into space we discovered a lot of cool new things and that created great innovations in technology such as LED lights, artificial limbs, anti-frost technology on planes and even those thermometers you stick in your ear. These are all things we take for granted but when you think about it if we hadn't been funding NASA we wouldn't have had those things.
To wrap this all up having a inactive space program makes us look weak destabilizes the economy even more, and comes up with innovations that we use in everyday life, that's why I think the U.S.A. should continue funding our space program NASA