By: Riley Pfyffer 10-9-15 Block 2

The four types of fronts.

Cold Front- A cold front brings cold, dense, dry air. It can make storms if overlapped with warm front. When a cold front meets a warm front and the warm front goes over.

Warm Front- A warm front brings less dense, warmer air. It brings light rain. When a warm front and a cold front go in the same direction and the warm air goes over.

Stationary Front- When a warm and a cold front meet and they have a standoff, which can cause thunderstorms for a long time.

Occluded Front- When a warm air mass gets stuck between two cold air masses and pushes the warm air upwards.

What is a front?

A front is the boundary where two different air masses meet.

What kind of weather does each front cause?

Occluded front- An occluded front can bring cold air, winds and create heavy rain if the fronts aren't that dry.

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What kinds of clouds do a warm front and a cold front create?

Warm Front - They create Cirrus and Stratus.

Cold Front - They create Cumulus and Cumulonimbus.

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Here is a great video about fronts! Click on the link and check it out! Made by Mrs. Dusharm!

Air after the fronts.

Cold front- Cold, dense air.

Warm front- Warm, less dense, humid air.