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September 2022

Our Mission

NCVA is a community of students, families and educators dedicated to expanding educational choice through innovative and technology rich instructional practices, and accountable for developing each student's full potential for academic and post-secondary success.


Dear NCVA Families,

We have made it through the first few weeks of school! I hope you all are beginning to settle in for the new year. We are very excited that your family has entrusted us with the education of your learner(s) and look forward to our continued partnership. Below are a few tips to keep that positive momentum going throughout the year.

Know your Team: Maintain a list your student’s assigned Homeroom Teacher (K-8th), Counselor (9th-12th), Content Teachers, and Advisor. This will come in handy when you need assistance down the road.

Read your newsletters and e-mails regularly. This is how your Academic Administrators/Principals and school staff communicate important information to our families. Grab your calendar and jot down any important dates.

Tech Support: Questions involving equipment, materials, or books should be directed to K12 Support at 1-866-512-2273 or submit a ticket at . Keep it on the refrigerator and save it to your phone for quick reference.

Attend: Remember to attend your live Class Connect sessions every day and complete all of your assignments in a timely manner. Don’t forget to reach out to your Teachers if you have any questions. We are here to support you!

Get involved! There are a variety of activities to keep students active during the year including Clubs, Contests, School Outings, Community Service, Advisor socials, etc. Additionally, there is monthly programming to support our Learning Coaches in their unique role as well. We challenge you to select at least one activity of your choice and get started!

We are wishing all of our families a fun and successful school year. Thank you for choosing NCVA!

In Partnership,

Your NCVA Family

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NCVA 2022-2023 Enrollment Update

Due to enrollment limits set by the state of North Carolina, NCVA is currently at capacity for all grade levels. We do not anticipate being able to offer seats to any new students for the remainder of the 2022-23 school year, and therefore, enrollment is now closed. This means that even siblings of current students will not be allowed to enroll at NCVA if a parent wishes for the 2022-2023 year. If you would like to contact your state representatives to advocate that NCVA be allowed to increase enrollment, please check out the information at the links below.

North Carolina General Assembly:

North Carolina Governor:

North Carolina Lieutenant Governor:

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K12 Support 1-866-512-2273

Check out our full catalog of technical support resources at the bottom of this newsletter! K12 Customer support is open 24/7 to provide assistance to our families.

Trouble Logging in?

  1. Clear cache and cookies weekly. Click HERE to find out how to use this common troubleshooting trick.
  2. Power off your computer nightly to allow for automatic system updates.

Important Dates

*See your Class Connect Schedule in the Online School for Virtual Sessions.

  • September 5th: Labor Day Holiday (School Closed)
  • September 16th: Adventure Day/Outings (Coming soon via e-mail )
  • September 26th: LC Speaker: "Organization & Time Management" RSVP

~Save the Date~

October 7th: Adventure Day/Outings

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NCVA Website

If you haven't already, please bookmark our NCVA website! There are many great resources for our families including a detailed staff directory. Check it out today!

Tech Reminders 1-866-512-2273

Newrow for Live Classes!

Newrow is the Class Connect Platform that K12 Stride-Powered is using for live classes. We have a few tips and a short video to help you get started:

  1. Use the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Close all additional websites, apps, and browser tabs on your computer.
  3. When you log in to Class Connect, be sure to click "Activate" to allow use of your speaker, camera, and microphone. This will allow you to hear your instructor.
  4. Conduct a Quick Tech Check to ensure your device(s) are working properly.
  5. REFRESH your browser if you have difficulty during class.

All set! Your teacher may use a virtual waiting room before time for the session to begin.

*Please bookmark this link for troubleshooting and support as needed throughout the year.

The recommended browser when using the K12 Online School platforms, for all grade levels, is Google Chrome.

If you are your online classes using Chrome, we recommend installing the Flash Enabler extension which will enable and save Flash settings for your classes. Please refer to Enabling Flash in Chrome for a step-by-step guide to enabling Flash in Chrome.

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State Exams for SY 22-23

As a public charter school, NCVA students are required to participate in State mandated testing. These exams are in-person at assigned sites. As you are making advanced plans, be sure to block off the following dates. Specific dates, times, and locations of your student’s exams will be shared with families a month in advance from Please make arrangements to be present and on time. Due to the high number of students across the state that need to test, space at our venues, and DPI testing regulations, there is very limited availability to reschedule.

  • BOG (3rd Graders): August 29th – September 2nd
  • Check-Ins #1/PreACT (3rd-8th Graders/10th Graders): October 17th-21st
  • Check-Ins #2/Fall EOCs & CTEs (3rd-12th Graders): December 12th-16th
  • Check-Ins #3/ACT (3rd-8th Graders/11th Graders): March 13th-17th
  • EOGs/RtA/EOCs/CTEs/Extend1 (3rd-12th Graders): May 26th – June 9th (except Memorial Day)

Why is it important that my student participate? This was expressed during the Enrollment process and is included in the NCVA Handbook that families signed upon beginning school. All testing dates are indicated on the NCVA Calendar.

*Please read the Family Testing Guide for additional information.*

  • Participation in testing is mandated by the State. It provides valuable information to DPI as they norm grade level expectations and make charter renewal decisions.
  • Grade Impact: In 3rd Grade, a student may be retained if they do not demonstrate reading proficiency on a state-approved ELA exam. EOCs for High School represent 20% of the student’s grade in the course.
  • We could lose our charter to operate if our students do not attend.
  • A student may be administratively withdrawn from NCVA for non-participation and may not log attendance hours on days they’re absent from testing.
  • Medical emergencies, such as student hospitalization, are evaluated by the State on a case by case basis. Please notify the school in the event of an emergency.
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School Resources

NCVA Spirit Store is Coming Soon!

New designs are on the way very soon. Proceedes from our Spirit Store benefit the MS Dance and HS Prom. Coming soon!

K12 Student ID Cards

Have you ever wanted to own a physical Student Identification Card for community discounts? The K12 site for ordering these has launched. Order yours today for a minimal fee that includes shipping at .

*NOTE: Student Identification is required for some in-person testing, specifically the ACT in High School.

NCVA provides additional support to qualifying students

You may be eligible for assistance through the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.

A student is considered homeless if they lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence, and may be considered eligible for services if he or she is presently living:

  • In temporary shared housing, a shelter, or transitional living program
  • At a bus station, park, car, or abandoned building
  • Sharing the housing of other persons due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or a similar reason
  • Living in motels, hotels, or camping grounds due to the lack of alternative adequate accommodations
  • Living in emergency or transitional shelters
  • Living in a public or private place not designed for or ordinarily used as a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings
  • Living in cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, bus or train stations, or similar settings
  • Migratory children living in the above circumstances
  • Unaccompanied youth living in the above circumstances

We are committed to meeting the needs of all children. If you feel your child may qualify, or if you have questions, please contact Paige Adams, Homeless Liaison & Student Resource Coordinator, at or at 919-346-0121 ext. 2030.

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Stride Serves: Community Service

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Million Mile 2022: September 1st-30th

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Get ready NCVA! We're back for the 3rd year of Alex's Lemonade Stand Fund's Million Mile. Walk, run, or cycle to support Childhood Cancer research. Monetary donations are OPTIONAL. Everyone is welcome to partipate! Bonus: Families may log time under "P.E." for time spent walking and receive Community Service credit.

Join Team "North Carolina Virtual Academy" at today.

  • School Mileage Goal: 1,000 miles (Starting September 1st-30th)
  • School Fundraising Goal: $1,000.00

Contact Jillian Davenport at with questions. Go NCVA!

Community Service Credit:

9/11: National Day of Service

September 11 is designated by Congress as a National Day of Service and Remembrance.

This day provides a great opportunity for us to recognize and thank veterans, active duty service men and women, and first responders in our communities.

How You Can Get Involved:

  • Write and send a letter to a first responder, veteran, deployed troop, or new recruit to express your thanks for their service.
  • Letters can be sent to the following organizations (or to someone you know!):
  • Place a small flag in your yard in remembrance of 9/11.
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NCVA Clubs SY 22-23

Our school-based clubs will be starting soon at NCVA! Take an early look at our current offerings HERE for SY 22-23 . Registration is now open for most clubs, unless otherwise noted in the S’more. Check back for future updates! Please contact Jillian Davenport at with any questions. Have a great school year!

Stride Clubs for K12 Powered Schools

The National Team sponsors Clubs and Challenges for students attending Stride K-12 Powered schools. Activities this year will run through May 23rd and typically start again in September. Check out the Stride K12 Clubs Smore HERE!

Student and Family questions about Stride K12 National Clubs & other National Programming may be directed to .

Stride Enrichment Programs

Check out additional Summer activities for students offered through Stride as well! Click here for additional information.

NCVA Family Directory SY 22-23

COMING SOON! Many of you have asked about additional ways to connect with other families in your area. If you choose to opt into the family directory, you can connect with other families in your area with students of the same age. We are excited to offer this, and we hope you take advantage of the opportunity. Be on the lookout for the Family Directory Opt-in in September!

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Stride K12 National News

Stride K12 National Newsletter

Please read the Stride K12 Newsletter September 2022 for updates from the National Team!

  • National Activities
  • Student Challenges

Join the LC Community!

You can access our school’s LC Community from the K12 App by logging in with your Learning Coach credentials and clicking the Community tab at the bottom.

Don’t have the K12 App? Download the K12 App on your iOS or Android device today!

Join us at!

K12 Learning Liftoff Newsletter

For fun ideas for you and your children, subscribe to our Learning Liftoff newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Register here:
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School News and Updates

Attendance Corner

Keys to Successful Attendance:

(Requirement: 6 hours of attendance per school day)

1. Attend all required LIVE Class Connect Sessions

2. Complete all lessons and assignments due for the day. Ensure students spent enough time working in the course to avoid a system discrepancy (at least 1 hour in MS/HS).

3. Make up any over-due lessons

4. Manually log ALL attendance in the Learning Coach (LC) Account of OLS under the Attendance Tab.

UPDATE Your Contact Information

Please ensure your phone number and e-mail are up to date in the OLS under your LC Account.

  • Change of Address: Proof of Residence (utility bill, lease, home owner's statement) is required to update your physical address. Please complete the following link as soon as possible.

School Documents

NCVA Handbook SY 22-23

Welcome families! Please read the 22-23 NCVA Parent/Student Handbook . Sign here that it has been received. Reach out to your Homeroom Teacher or Advisor with additional questions. Have a great year!

Student Continued Engagement Plan for SY 22-23

Dear Learning Coaches: Please take a few moments to download and read the SY22-23 Student Continued Engagement Plan. It addresses what to do in case of a power outage, system outage, or other event that disrupts the normal flow of NCVA classes. It will be maintained in the Beacon Herald for your reference.

SY 22-23 NCVA Annual Health Notification

Per NC State and K12 guidelines, NCVA is required to provide families important immunization and health information annually. This includes updates for SY 22-23. Please review the NCVA Annual Health Notification SY 22-23 closely and save it for future reference.

Be sure to follow-up with your local health care provider or local health department with additional questions as it pertains to your student(s). We wish your family a happy and healthy school year!

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Elementary School Updates

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We have had a GREAT month at NCVA! We are starting to get into the routine of things, and everyone has seemed to acclimate well. I am so proud of you all, and I am so happy that you are a part of our NCVA family!
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Dates to Remember

  • September 5th: No School - Labor Day
  • September 16th: Outing Day
  • September 26th: NC Check-In Tutorial (grades 4 & 5)
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Tips for Success

  • Check your email DAILY - This should be done multiple times a day.
  • Always check your class connect schedule in the morning when you log in.
  • Attend all "required" class connects. These are mandatory.
  • Log those PE hours every week!
  • Participate – If you don’t like to talk on the mic, please answer in the chat box or use your polling tools. Let us know you are there and trying. If you will work for us, we will work for YOU!
  • Ask questions – Please, please ask questions. We need to know how we can help. For those of you that are shy about asking questions in class, please email us!
  • Keep that Tech Support number handy – If you have technical issues, call them! They’re available 24-7. Technical problems are not an excuse for not completing work. The number is 866.512.2273 – put it somewhere you can refer to it easily!
  • Save ALL of your passwords and important information somewhere you can find it. You MUST know your NCVA email, your Student ID Number, your Go Formative username and password (for this year, returning students!). Keep them all in one place so that you're not locked out when you have important things to do!
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Is Your Student Reading Daily?

K-5 students should be reading every night for at least 20 minutes. Did you know that daily reading can benefit your student in the following ways...

  1. Helps in language development
  2. Promotes brain development
  3. Aids in understanding of a world outside of our own
  4. Strengthens family relationships
  5. Provides endless possibilities!

Meet Your Elementary School Admin Team

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Middle School Updates

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Mark Your Calendars: Notable Dates

    • September 5: Labor Day Holiday (School Closed)
    • September 16: Outing Day (Attend morning CCs and complete OMS assignments)

    *See your Class Connect schedule in the Online School for daily schedule*

    Tips for Success!

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    Additional Tips to Keep in Mind

    • Check your Schedule & Announcements on Mondays - View your live class connect schedule & assignments every Monday. Checking the announcements in each of your classes also helps set you up for success!
    • Know Your Info: SAVE school information in a safe place for easy access. Know your NCVA e-mail address, Your Student ID Number, and passwords for various accounts. Don’t forget to write down the names of your student’s Homeroom Teacher and Advisor in case you need to contact the school.
    • Volunteer in class - Raise your hand, write in the chat, or offer to help a classmate by volunteering your thinking. The more you participate and give your best effort, the more you will grow!
    • Email your teachers with questions or ask questions in class! - Asking questions helps you learn & complete things correctly, so be sure to ask questions to do everything right the first time!
    • Retake quizzes with low grades - Now that you've learned more in your classes, go back to previous quizzes to retake ones that have a retake available. Review the lessons, review your previous quiz attempts, and try again for a higher score! Check out this video that will help you navigate to finding low quiz grades & finding the quiz to retake.
    • K12 Customer Support: 1-866-512-2273 SAVE this number in your phone and keep it visible on your refrigerator or in your work area for quick reference. We all need technical assistance from time to time!

    Middle School Admin Team

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    High School Updates

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    Important Dates & Updates

    Important Dates

    • September 5: Labor Day Holiday (School Closed)
    • September 16: Outing Day (Attend morning CCs and complete assigned OHS lessons)

    • The High School day is from 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Per the NCVA Handbook, students are required to attend all live Class Connects marked “REQUIRED” on your daily plan. This includes Small Groups, Beacon Times, Counselor Sessions, and any others listed as such. Attendance and participation are part of your grade.

    • In the event of an absence, please contact your course instructor in addition to watching recordings of any missed Class Connects.

    • Read your e-mail and Class Announcements daily.

    • Reach out to your teachers if you need help in any of your classes. Submit all of your work on time to avoid losing excessive points or earning 0’s.

    • HS students that are enrolled in an EOC or CTE course will take check-ins October 17-21 and Nov 14-17, in-person exams between Dec 12-16. These are REQUIRED and are worth 20% of your overall grade. Please block those dates on your calendar. Specific dates, times, and locations of your student’s exams will be shared with families later in the Fall semester. Please make advanced arrangements to be present and on time.

    • Reminders about expectations -Participation is required as is daily CC attendance and Small Group attendance if invited.

    Stride Career Prep & Success Coaches!

    Stride Success Coaches Help You Get Results! Ready to get a jump-start on your career plans or college admissions?

    We're excited to provide high school students at Stride K12-powered public schools with exclusive access to professional, experienced career coaches who offer advice on building a strong resume, networking, interviewing, internships, college prep, and more—all at no cost. Find out more about all of their services here.

    Meet your Leadership Team

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    High School Counseling Team

    Welcome to NCVA! High School students will be receiving beginning of school e-mails from your assigned Counselor very soon. We look forward to working with you!
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    Special Programs Team

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    Special Programs Team Members

    • Stacey Bryant, Academic Administrator - Special Programs
    • Shanna Cater, Special Programs Lead Teacher
    • Jordan Trogdon, Transition Coordinator
    • Casie Copple, English Language Learner Coordinator/Teacher
    • Laura Gray Lefcoski, Special Programs Registrar
    • Katlin Hasper, Mentor Teacher/Special Education Teacher
    • 504 Coordinator
    • Mariel Richter, MTSS Coordinator

    Special Education Teachers

    K-5 - Melanie Miller, Aubrey Franklin, Melissa Daily, Blair Coleman, Ashley Claxton, Dawn Ingram

    6-8 - Denise Wall, Chasity Ansley, Katilin Franz, Kate Jayne, Erin Wallace Mejia, Alanna Cates

    9-12- Angela Eiland, Katie Eels-Miller, Taylor Wilson, Kim Keaton

    OCS - Amber Thutt, Brittani Horner

    Adaptive - Bree Lancaster, Madeline West, Connor Justice

    MTSS Interventionists

    Erica Gershman, Brittany Braswell, Michele Adams, Carmeesha Frazier, Mandy Baldwin, Devin Leonard, Glennan Saraceno, Kiante Wallace, Melissa Townsend, Sophia Stephenson

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    NCVA Student Support Team

    Strong Start...Strong Finish!

    It was great to meet each of you during the Week of Welcome (W.O.W.)! Please remember that recordings of all sessions are still accessible via the Online School should you like a refresher. Advisors will continue checking in with you throughout the school year, so be sure to keep your contact information up to date in the Online School.

    Build those social connections! Advisors will be hosting regular social sessions to help students stay in touch outside of the classroom. Registration for NCVA and Stride Clubs is also underway. We would like to encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities, while also exploring unique ways to get involved in your local community.

    Academic questions related to specific courses should be addressed by your student's teachers. Please do not hesitate to e-mail your instructors should you have additional questions about assignments. We're wishing all of our families a great school year!

    Meet your Student Support Team

    Lea King, Student Support Administrator

    Amy Dulaney, Student Attendance Specialist (K-5th)

    Zara Fucci, Student Attendance Specialist (6th-12th)

    Jodi Lewis, Student Resource Coordinator (K-5th)

    Paige Adams, Student Resource Coordinator (6th-12th)

    Jillian Davenport, Community Engagement Specialist

    Whitney Cress, School Counselor (K-5th)

    Becca Lynn, School Counselor (6th-8th)

    Student Support Advisors :

    K-5: Amy Baker, Brittany Carson, Lauren Hedrick, Ashton Johnson, Allison Mosley, Jevonda Perkins, and Katie Szostak

    6-8: Charity Anderson, Tiffany Carson, Deanna Goins, Caili Hildreth, Sarah Polanco

    9-12: Marah Barrow, Debbie DeLoach, Travis Townsend, and Jennifer Triplett

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    Elementary School Counselor: Whitney Cress

    Hello all! My name is Whitney Cress, and I am the Elementary School Counselor! Please never hesitate to reach out for support! I am looking forward to an amazing year!

    Students will see me during our monthly Counselor Corner lessons, where we will focus on a Social Emotional Learning topic based around the 7 Mindsets. I also offer counseling small groups throughout the school year, so be on the lookout for my emails!

    Take notice of our student services website packed with a tremendous amount of helpful community, academic, social and emotional resources.


    Whitney Cress

    919-346-0121 ext. 2113

    Middle School Counselor: Becca Lynn

    Hello! I am Becca Lynn and am excited to enter my second year at NCVA as the Middle School Counselor!

    I am here to listen, help, and work with Middle Schoolers and their families during this time of learning and growth. I work with students in a variety of ways. I can provide individual counseling services to foster positive growth and change. I provide small group experiences and full group experiences to provide skills needed for academic and personal success. I also work with parents/guardians, teachers, and staff to ensure the needs of every student are being met.

    I look forward to working with you and your student this school year!

    Please feel free to reach out at any time!


    Becca Lynn

    919-346-0121 ext 2287

    LC Speaker Series

    Welcome! Our Learning Coaches are the heart of our student experience. Each month we have a line-up of guest speakers to support YOU in this unique and rewarding role. Come to learn, network, and socialize with other LCs within our school community. We look forward to your participation in our LC programming this school year.

    Please contact Jillian Davenport at with any questions regarding Learning Coach programming or the LC Community in the K12 App. Have a great year!

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    Stride is excited to present a live event September 14th, 2022 @ 3:30PM ET for Learning Coaches and parents of students enrolled in Stride K12-powered schools on How Parents Can Help Prevent Suicide, in partnership with the Cook Center for Human Connection.

    Register today

    This session will cover:

    • The Basic Principles of Mental Health
    • Why does suicide occur?
    • The Warning Signs of Suicide
    • What Not to Say and Do
    • What You Need to Say and Do
    • Where can you go for help?

    Community Resources

    Do you need help connecting with resources in your area? Check out our Student Services Community Resource page with links to a variety of supports available in your area, including resources for food, housing, financial assistance, clothing, childcare, internet assistance, employment, and much more!

    Crisis Support:

    • Dial 988 if you feel that you are in a mental health crisis, or need support helping someone else in crisis.

    • Text support: Text HOME to 741741 from anywhere in the United States, anytime, about any type of crisis (including COVID19, self harm, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation) and get connected with a trained crisis counselor.

    • As always, call 911 with any life-threatening emergencies, including thoughts or plans of suicide and self-harm.
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    Learning Coach Central

    Let's Get Social!

    Please take advantage of opportunities to connect with the K12 and NCVA communities online and social media, via:

    K12 App NCVA Learning Coach Community: Learn about the LC Community HERE.

    • Access the school and national communities using your LC Credentials
    • Find resources and announcements
    • Search and send direct messages to other LCs with similar interests.
    • BONUS! Your involvement facilites students connections outside of school!

    Download the K12 App Today!

    NCVA Facebook:

    If you have not already, take a few moments to review our school on the NCVA Facebook page. Share your experience with others by clicking on the "Review" tab. This is a great way to make friends and connect with other NCVA families.

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    Directions to Join a Regional Parent Group

    Want to connect with other NCVA families near your area? Join an RPG today!

    1. E-mail the Regional Parent Group where you reside. Find your county on the map.
    2. Include your Name, County, Student(s)' Name(s), Grade Level(s), and Phone Number.

    Region 1 Update coming soon!

    Region 2

    Region 3

    Region 4

    Region 5

    Region 6

    Region 7/8

    PLEASE NOTE: The Regional Parent Groups are comprised of Learning Coaches. They do NOT have access to student information. Please contact your student's Homeroom or Content Area Teacher(s) for academic questions.

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    K12 Customer Support & Videos 1-866-512-2273

    Do you need help installing a K12 printer or enabling Flash content in Firefox? Or do you need to know how to configure audio for a Class Connect? Check out our new easy-to-follow Technical Support videos that will walk you through these steps and more at:

    • K12 App: Download HERE

    Having trouble logging in to the OLS? Is OLS navigation slow? Try clearing your browser cache and cookies.

    Zoom App

    Sometimes, staff will schedule sessions in Newrow, then re-direct students or Learning Coaches to a Zoom room for a more interactive experience. Never miss a Zoom session again! Be sure to download the Zoom app to your computer.
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    Contact Information

    North Carolina Virtual Academy

    4220 NC HWY 55, Suite 130

    Durham, NC 27713

    Phone: 919-346-0121

    Fax: 919-324-6597


    K12 Customer Support: 1-866-512-2273