Schimelpfenig 6th Grade Science

Coach Deaton~Coach Meger

Group Picture Day/Make up Pictures

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 17, is Picture Day 2 at Schimelpfenig. It is the individual make-up day for all students who were absent on individual picture day last month. Group pictures for the SMS yearbook will also be taken. Lookin' Good Sixth Grade!!
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Upcoming Test

Friday November 20

Respiratory System/Circulatory System Test

MAP Testing

Students will take the Science MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) test during the last week before winter break. Students will set a personal goal for the test. The test will be given again at the end of the year to measure growth.

Final Exam

Sixth grader science students DO NOT take a final exam in science. We will be MAP testing during finals week

In a Nutshell

Students have finished the Efficiency of Human Body Systems Unit. They are now working on the end of unit CAP. The CAP is titled "Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News." Students will be understanding the characteristics of disease and ways to manage our lifestyles to maintain healthy living.

The next unit of study will be Wise Use of Natural Resources. Essential questions to be answered are:

§ What are the implications of natural resource use for my generation?

§ What are the impacts of different products on the environment?

§ How might we help others understand energy conservation?

§ How might we prove energy transformations exist?