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Are you ready to Honor the Castle?

Welcome to Richards Middle School!

Middle school is a new chapter and can also be highly rewarding. We look forward to "Honoring the Castle" with you. Please review resources below that will help to make the school year and your time as a Knight successful.

Working together, we will make a successful year for our entire Knight Community.

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Mask Policies

"Masks are optional for all staff, students and visitors, including on our buses. We will have masks available in all of our buildings for anyone who needs one. Fraser Public Schools encourages everyone who is not fully vaccinated to wear a face covering. We ask everyone to respect each individual’s choice whether or not to wear a mask." - (District Communication 8/12)

We also encourage our staff and students to complete the health screener below. If your child is not feeling well or experiencing any symptoms, please keep your child home.

Tour the School

Click on the link and tour the school by clicking on the green icons.

Richards Middle School Site Map

School Picture and Student ID

Students who missed orientation or are new to the school after September 7, will have their picture taken in the media center and a Student ID will be issued.

2021-2022 Student IDs will be will be passed out to all Knights the first week of school.

2021-Picture Retakes will be scheduled in early October. A communication will be shared with all families.

Yearbook Information

Yearbook sales will be online again this year. Please check out the button below to order your 2021-2022 Richards Middle School email.
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Practice Opening a Combination Lock Before School Starts

Students are issued their own locker in which to store books, supplies, and personal belongings. To open that locker, they have to use a combination lock, which may seem difficult at first, but practice makes permanent.


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School Supplies

Your teachers will provided details of supplies that will be needed for each class. However, on the first day, you are encouraged to bring a notebook, writing utensil, and folder to keep materials together and information organized.

School devices will be deployed over the first two weeks of school.

PBIS Building Expectations Overview

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Arrive to Class ON TIME....EVERYTIME!

You will have 4 minutes passing time in the hall between each class period. It's ok to talk to friends in the hall, but please be sure to manage your time. Clocks are equipped with countdown timers as well as music playing at the 1 minute marks to help students manage their time. Being tardy can affect your citizenship and could prevent you from going to school events such as dances, sporting events, after school clubs, and field trips. Consequences are assigned for excessive tardies that include, but not limited to detentions.

When is my lunch?

To determine which lunch block you have, check the room number of your Seminar Class on your schedule or in PowerSchool.

For 7th grade, if L is in front of the room number (L220), you will have Lunch A. If the L is after the room number (220L), you will have Lunch B.

For 8th Grade, if the L is in front of the room number (L220), you will have Lunch C. If the L is after the room number (220L), you will have Lunch D.

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Bus Route Information

Bus stop information will be available online for the 2021–2022 school year starting August 30. You can access your child’s bus stop information by visiting Click on the "Bus Stops" link and enter your address to retrieve your child’s bus stop information. It is very important to check your child’s bus stop, as routes have been modified for the 2021–2022 school year. Students will be assigned a route number in lieu of a bus number. The route number is located on the left side of the entry door. To ensure transportation, all students must be at their bus stop 10 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time. Please review with your child the bus rules found on the Transportation Department’s website.

Dress Code Expectations

  • Shorts/Dresses/Skirts must be longer than the students fingertip length with students' arms by their side.
  • Undergarments, chest and midriffs must be covered no spaghetti straps, muscle shirts with armpits visible, etc.
  • No sagging of the pants or shorts
  • No graphic, see-through or inappropriate saying on clothing (sexual comments, drugs, violence, etc.)
  • No pajama wear - lounge pants, flannel pants, boxer shorts, slippers (shoes without hard soles) *unless permitted by a school function.
  • No hats, bandanas/scarves (unless worn to support hair appropriately), and/or hoods up during the school day.
  • At this time, masks are a choice.

Free School Breakfast and Lunch for 2021-22

School breakfast and lunch will be free for all students for the 2021-22 school year. The free/reduced meals application is still strongly recommended for parents/guardians to complete at

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Student Device Care

Your student device will be deployed the first two week of school.

You will use your iPad everyday to review assignments, communicate with your teachers, and check daily announcements. Please be sure you bring your charged iPad everyday.

If you lose your iPad, we suggest the following to assist in recovering your device.

  • Re-trace your steps
  • Check the media center - the staff can ping the device
  • Ask friends and/or teachers
  • Call home
  • Notify a staff member when you have recovered your device.
Device and Instructional Support

Please fill out the following information to receive assistance with either a technology device or an educational program.

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Parent Portal Agreement

Click here to signup for a parent account

Fraser Public Schools - Media Release

Click here to complete the Media Release and Acceptable Use Policy.

Acceptable Use Policy

Fraser Public Schools Document

Residency Update

Have you moved? Click here to update your address.

Prescription Medication Information

To be printed and completed by your Doctor if administration will be during school hours.

Immunization Consent Form

Click here to apply

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Accessibility and Support

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