A Tour Of The Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii, Oahu, and Maui

Hawaii Island

Kayaking - $15.00 per hour/ per person

Go kayaking along the Kona coast. You might see some dolphins, tropical fish, and sea turtles during you trip!

Body Boarding - $6.50 for the day per person

Grab a board and catch some waves! A great deal at $6.50 for the day.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park- $4.00 a day per person

Come see the only ACTIVE volcano on the island! If your lucky you might see some red hot lava!! Go hiking down a pali (a cliff) and out onto some molten rock.

Snuba Boat Dive - $95.00 per person

Dive off a boat into a tropical underwater world!! Experience the beautiful wild sea life of Hawaii.

Whale Watching - Free!!

Walk along the beautiful coastline waiting for something spectacular- A Whale soaring out of the water!


Bike down Haleakala - $100.00 per person

First you will be taken to the crater to enjoy the breathtaking view of the summit and crater. After you will begin your 23 mile bike ride downhill. You will curve around 29 switch backs down Haleakala.
Facts found at http://www.bikemaui.com/

Historic Lahaina- free!!

Lahaina is a historic 19th century Hawaiian seaport that was the home of Maui Kings and chiefs. It was once a favorite port for American whalers.
Facts found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lahaina_Historic_District


Seaplane Ride - $79.00 per person

Get on a seaplane for the flight of your life. Tour this spectacular island from up above.

Pearl Harbor and the USS Missouri- $6.00 per person

Take a guided tour through Pearl Harbor and the USS Missouri. Learn about the USS Missouri and her most famous mission, the site of the surrender that ended World War II.
Fact found at http://www.ussmissouri.com/page.aspx?pid=441

Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay - $35.00 per person

Have the greatest time snorkeling in the crescent shaped Hanauma Bay. It is the most famous of all Hawaii’s snorkeling beaches because of it’s high fish population, calm shallow water, and white sand.

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