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Indeed, each host is connected to the Internet through one or more fixed links. Each link has a physical capacity measured in megabits (million bits/ second), but the host does only rent a portion of that bandwidth. Thus hosts often speak of a bandwidth of 100 Megabits (the total capacity of the link) when they actually have only a transfer capacity limited by their contract that averages out to 64 Kbits (64 000 bits/ second). According to Jean Christopher Cousin, marketing manager of France Hosting, bandwidth must be oversize Indeed, France hosting uses only 25% capacity but additional of 50% is acceptable provided that the web hosting india host is able to rapidly evolve connections as needed hébergés4 site publishers.

Methods are used to measure the capacity of bandwidth available web hosting service to a host, as Gabrielle, representing the Internet-Fr society, the best way is to make significant file transfers several times, at different times of the day, evening and night and from multiple access providers. Thus, she says, that Internet-Fr increases available bandwidth between their server and the rest of the Internet whenever the utilization rate exceeds 75% 5. Therefore, it suffices for the host, to guarantee optimal service to its hosted customers, the bandwidth is the least saturated possible. The speed of a site hosting is also influenced by where the link is connected by property and specifically the number of routers (access nodes) between the host web hosting india and the user.

This is how the Internet is organized around several backbones. (Backbone). These broadband connections required of the host, on them are web hosting india connected the main providers therefore is closer to the backbone connecting the host, the more it will pay will be cheaper and faster server access. The servers are the machines available to hosters in order to stored all sites entrusted to them, it is on these servers hosts enjoy the space they make available hosted.

Most servers have either Windows NT or Unix operating system. On a Unix hosting it is quite possible to install HTML pages, Java Applets of, java script, images. For example, Internet-Fr, has the following configuration: Pentium II dual-processor 400 MHz with 512 MB Ram et4 disques9 GB mirrored (data transmission system) 6. The host must also be able to offer software for the changing of walk. The accommodation web hosting india mechanism is relatively complex, this scheme will help to visualize the structure and equipment available to the server. Le production collects the files corresponding to the sites (web pages, files, images, sound, video).
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Ubuntu Web Server from scratch, free web hosting (LAMP, FTP, Webmin, PHPMyAdmin, SSH) [HD]
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