Wonder Book Report

By: Natalie Hudson

Wonder RJ Palacio

Title: Wonder

Lexile: 720L

Author: RJ Palacio

Genre: Realistic Fiction


In the beginning of the book, August Pullman was very shy and afraid to go to middle school because he was afraid of the way people would look at him because he was deformed. By the end of the book, August is not worried about what others think of him anymore and laughs off any doubts he has about himself or the way other people see him.

One of the minor characters of the book was Miranda. Miranda was August's sisters best friend and made quite an impact on August's past life. When August was little, Miranda bought him an astronaut helmet which he wore for two years covering his face which boosted his self esteem down a lot as he felt he always had to wear it so no one would see his face.

Book Ending

The book wonder in my opinion has an amazing ending. August Pullman started off feeling as if he wasn't good enough or he couldn't go to school because of the way he looked. However, in the end of the book August win's an award at the school graduation and his excited for his next middle school year, and everyone seems happy in the end which seems like a good ending to me.

Wonder Book Trailer

Wonder: Book Trailer

About August's Family

August has a very supportive family and a lot of people praying for him. Here is a few of them. August's sister Via is very supportive of August and gets really upset when people look at him weird or don't want to touch him. Via doesn't see August the way other people see him. August's mother is very protective of him but also want's him to be able to start a new life and make friends and not be afraid of his own reflection. August's dad is also very protective of him even so that he did not wan't August to go to school in the beginning.