star wars

By Noah Hopkins


  • R7-d4 is mostly brown.
  • R4-f7 is mostly white.
  • R3-d7 is mostly green.
  • Blue astronomech is mostly blue.
  • R5-j2 is all black.
  • R5-d8 is mostly white.
  • red astronomech is mostly red

more droids

  • mouse droid named noah.
  • R1-g4 droid named cypher.
  • gnk droid named aiden
  • treadwell droid named beckett
  • bb-8 named chance
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clone troopers

  • clone jetpack trooper
  • clone gunner
  • bomb squad trooper
  • clone trooper lieutenant
  • clone trooper commander
  • clone captain Rex
  • arf trooper
  • arc trooper
  • a shock trooper named gaven
  • shadow arf trooper
  • 212th clone trooper
  • 501th clone trooper
  • 501st clone pilot
  • wolfpack clone trooper
  • clone commander Cody
  • the mandalorian super commando
  • Elite Clone named Noah
  • Green Clone trooper named Beckett

Elite Clone named noah

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Green Clone trooper named beckett

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a Shock Trooper named gaven

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The Jaig Hunters, their is three different ones

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multiple x wings

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Lego charecters

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