Upper Palmetto Newsletter

Spring Happenings and Information

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Upcoming Semester

We are very excited about all of the upcoming events and starting our involvement with the Theta Sigma Chapter. We will be sending flowers for good luck on Recruitment. Winthrop has formal recruitment January 15-17th.

Upcoming Events

January 19th- Dinner At Legal Remedy

Please join us for dinner at a new local favorite in Rock Hill at 6:30. Located conveniently near Winthrop University. At this dinner we will discuss our service project for February and enjoy great company! Please bring an item for the women's shelter to this meeting. They are in need of toiletries.

If you are curious about the restaurant you can visit their website.


February 11th- Delivery of Service Project

We plan to deliver cookies to the local fire stations, police station, and sheriff's department. These men and women do so much for our community, we feel so glad to be able to do something small for them in return.

Time is TBA, look for an email.

March 24th Dinner at Nishie G's and Exam Bags

Join us at one of everyones favorite Rock Hill restaurants at 6:30. Please plan to enjoy an evening with friends putting together goodies for our collegiate sisters.

April 22nd- Moonlight Jazz

Location and time are TBA. Please save the date for a fun family event with sisters and loved ones.

April 26th- Delivery of Exam Bags

We will be taking exam bags to the Theta Sigma chapter members. Time is TBA.

May 10th- Dinner at Hobo's

Please join us at one of Fort Mill's new favorite dinner spots! This will be a wonderful way to celebrate our spring semester before taking a break for the summer.

Time is TBA.

If you would like more information on Hobo's you can visit their website.