History of the space exploration:

Mercury Mission

What is the a space exploration?

A space exploration is the use of astronomy and space techolgy to explore outer space.

Also its when mankid wants to explore outer space.

About Mercury:

Mercury is the closet plant to the sun, orbiting at only 579 km. Its is known as one of the "rocky" plants. Humans have not step foot on Mercury, but machines have. Scientists believe that Mercury has an interior similar to Earth. Mercury has a big core of liquid mental.
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Facts about the Space exploration:

The thought of going to Mercury has been in the humans mind for a while. Since the last decade the techlogly has become more advanced. October 7, 1958. The life of the the project Mercury 4-5 years, from the time of the go ahead official time, the complection time of 34 hour orbital mission of Astronaunt Copper.

Reasons why NASA wanted to go to mercury:

  • To orbit a manned spacecraft around Earth.
  • To investigate man's ability to function in space.
  • To recover both man and spacecraft safely.

Mercury Mission:

The Mercury was a mission that extended humans space program. The mercury mission did not put people on Mercury, it just orbited Mercury. America's first human space flight program, introduced the nation to its first astronauts. There were six total flights with six astronauts flown. Total flight time for these missions was 53 hours, 55 minutes and 27 seconds.

Mercury- Redstone 3
Spacecraft: FREEDOM 7
Mission Date: May 5, 1961
Astronaut: Alan B. Shepard, Jr.

Mercury- Redstone 4
Spacecraft: LIBERTY BELL 7
Mission Date: July 21, 1961
Astronaut: Virgil I. Grissom

Mercury- Atlas 6
Spacecraft: FRIENDSHIP 7
Mission Date: February 20, 1962
Astronaut: John H. Glenn, Jr.

Mercury- Atlas 7
Spacecraft: AURORA 7
Mission Date: May 24, 1962
Astronaut: Scott M. Carpenter

Mercury- Atlas 8
Spacecraft: SIGMA 7
Mission Date: October 3, 1962
Astronaut: Walter M. Schirra

Mercury- Atlas 9
Spacecraft: FAITH 7
Mission Date: May 15-16, 1963
Astronaut: L. Gordon Cooper, Jr.

It was successful!