Freak the Mighty

Desire to escape

Book Title

The book Freak the Mighty relates to my theme because in the book there is a 13 year old boy named Kevin. Some people call him Freak though. He has a growing problem where all his insides are growing but his outside body isnt. Freak feels the need to escape his small body. He knows he only has a short time to live, so he creates the idea that he is going to get a robot body. When he meets Max, they become friends and go on adventures together.

Conflict & Outcome -Man vs. Self

Kevin feels the need to escape is deformed body, so he creates this story about how he is going to get a robot body. This gives himself something to hope for. When he meets Max, they become friends and some of his worries go away. Max gives him a life to live full of adventures and stories. Max is also helping Kevin because he made the time Kevin got to live worth while and happy.

Character's remark

Max needs to escape sometimes too, "There is a place I go inside my head sometimes. It's so dark and dim in there and you float like a cloud-no you are a cloud. What I do is lie on my floor under my bed, where you can just barely see the bed springs and stuff because it's so dark." Because Max is so big and tall, lots of people get scared of him. Some make jokes and are mean to him, so he goes into the place in his mind. He also goes down to the down under so he can go under his bed and try to hide from his problems.


Max and his dad are very different. Although they look alot alike, Max has a good heart. He doesn't really want to hear about or ever see his dad. Killer Kane wants to escape prison so he can find Max and he can take him with him. He also tries to trick Max into believing he didn't kill his mother. Killer Kane is a very big and tough man and lots of people are scared of him. He tries to strangle Loretta after she tries to help Max escape. He even tries to strangle his own son because Max didn't believe him and remembers Killer Kane killing his mother.