By: Ian Kitral


The main character is a girl named June. When June was just a kid, she had to take a test all kids are given and she scored a perfect score. That means she was able to go to college and then work in the military. Then Metias gets killed and she is sent into the military and she has to track down a man named Day...


The setting is known as the Republic, which is where modern day western U.S.A. is. Also, It is located in futuristic Los Angeles. In a dystopian society.


I strongly recommend this book to anyone that loves reading books with lots of action, because this book is action packed and will keep you on the edge of your seat. I've read a couple books in my lifetime, and this is the first book that really made me want to read more. There was also some cliffhangers and surprise in the book too. Overall, I really recommend this book.

Other Books By Marie Lu

Marie Lu

Marie Lu is the author of Legend. Marie grew up in Beijing, China until she was 5. Then her family decided to move to Georgia to have a better life. Then as she got older, she went to The University of Southern California and got into the video game industry. Then she grew a passion for writing fictional stories, and she published Legend in 2011. Ever since Legend she has made other successful books, and to this day she is still writing exciting books for young adults.

This trailer shows briefly what the book is about.

Legend By Marie Lu Movie Trailer


1.Good for tweens/younger teens

This book is an easy read for adults and fairly tame, compared to other popular dystopian YA fiction out there. Other than the relatively mild violence, there is little for the average parent to worry about. There is a little romance, but nothing more than attraction and a kiss or two. There are no "big" swear words. It was a bit simplistic for my more mature taste, but I can see why the tweens love it. I would definitely let my 10 year old read it.

2. This one of the best books I have ever read!



The book Legend is similar to the book The House Of The Scorpion in many ways. They both are in a Dystopian society taking place in the future. Also both have action and mystery in the two books.