Maddness Flooding

Marianne Villanueva

Looking down on the Savannah Desert was painful for Poseidon. No water, only sand covered hundreds of miles of land. He was the god of the sea. He felt like he was suppose to help these creatures that lived in the desert. Just thinking how animals and plants struggle to survive, because of no water in the desert made Poseidon wonder how he could help.

Poseidon walked into the room with tall marble walls and neatly hand crafted statues of Greek gods and goddesses. The ceiling was opened into a blue beautiful sky with white fully clouds. His footsteps echoed around the room. All of the gods and goddesses took their seat in their beautiful hand- crafted throne. “I have a must to talk to each and every one of you, to discuss a very important situation,” Poseidon announced. All gods looked in concern, “Speak away,” replied Zeus. “Creatures, thousands of creatures are dying because of the drought going on in the Savannah Desert,” explained Poseidon. The look on Athena, Zeus, Hermes and other gods/goddesses were very confused. “And you want us too?” asked Athena. “I want to flood the Savannah Desert so that many creatures won’t die” Eye brows all went up at the exact same time. “Absolutely NOT!” yelled Zeus. “Everybody knows not to mess with Mother Nature.” Crisis spreads around the room. It was loud as a lions roar! Poseidon took his trident and slammed it down on the hard marble floor. “I…” started Poseidon. He walked confidently out of the room to outside.

The wind whistled ever so slightly as if it was taking a breath. "Zeus,” thought Poseidon. Poseidon went into his temple. Furious, heated, and outraged Poseidon quickly walked over to his oversized bookshelf. He pulled out a heavy, worn- out sea blue colored book. He flipped to “drought” on page 519, “Exactly what I need!” exclaimed Poseidon.

For weeks his hands ached as if they were going to fall off. He planned the amount of water to flood the desert, did rock science math, and calculations that filled up his brown, old journal. The day that Poseidon was going to flood the dried- up, juiceless desert, the weather was horrible! It was as if the gods knew what he was going to do with actually knowing! Poseidon took everything he had in him to flood every inch of the Savannah Desert. His body shaked with his trident, he felt as if all of his energy was drained. He opened his eye lids slowly and saw a horrendous of wet, dark orange sand. “Now that will prove the other gods I was right,” Poseidon whispered to himself. The next few hours, Poseidon had been showing of his smartness to the goddesses.

Poseidon’s shaking trident had disrupted Poseidon’s sleep the next morning. What in the world?” Poseidon silently whispered to himself. He walked out of his temple into a madness crowd. “You shouldn’t have messed with Mother Nature!” “What did you do?” “You shouldn’t have done it!” people had comments all over. He transported himself to the Savannah Desert. Everything was underwater, sand, plants, even animals! “What have I done?” Poseidon remarked. He fled to his furious, flushed, looking gods/ goddesses/.

Sit down!” demanded Zeus. “Have very much been informed of what my brother, Poseidon did” announced Zeus. “I want every one of your special gifts to help fix the problem.” “But that wouldn’t be fair! I think he should do this clean up since he did it” suggested Athena. Everybody was taking sides. “Let’s just do it! We are not getting anything done by just arguing!” Hermes yelled. Every god and goddess got into a generally shaped circle. They all worked to worked together to drain the desert. Poseidon did not get to do anything for a month, basically he was in held of his ability.

“Guys, I am very sorry about the crisis I mad. I do deserve this punishment,” apologized Poseidon. Everybody’s face filled with happiness as if there was a new start. “I did learn that it is better to do right, than be right”