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Free electronic books (ebooks)

Check out free eBooks from the Destiny Icon on the Media Center website!

Follow these steps:

EFHS website> Media Center> Destiny Online Catalog & Databases>Online Catalog>EFHS>MackinVia.

Or choose the Catalog tab on top and Folletshelf tab on left.

Sign in required is your district ID # and password is your last name (in all lowercase letters).

You may open and read the book immediately or check them out.

Checkout is for one week and the book will automatically be returned for you.

Spark a Reaction @your library Summer Reading Theme

Help us create a dynamic interactive EFHS Main Lobby showcase! The NC Teen Summer Reading theme is Spark a Reaction @ your library!

EFHS Media Center want to get the message out to our teens that summer is a time to explore anything that has to do with science, nature, and reading.

Please share any ideas for a display and flyers that can help them discover the magic of nature, reading science fiction and fantasy literature, non fiction books in the 500s and 600s and all that is real using technology.