Film/ editing club

join our film club every Monday , Tuesday , and Wednesday !

Join the best club at mhs.

Its 3pm and you're bored just sitting at home on your phone. Looking for something fun do to after school? Come to room E103 and join the mhs film club! Guaranteed to be fun and entertaining. We hope that you come.

Bring your friends too

Our film club invites anybody and everybody to come.You don't even have to be a student at MHS. Our members are the most caring and nicest people you'll meet in the Marietta area. Join and be apart of a everlasting family.

Some of the things we do

Frequently asked questions

"do we get to record and edit our own videos?" yes this club is all about helping you work on your editing skills
"how long do we have to wait to start doing activities in the club" immediately as you join you get to start doing fun things with our cameras and mac computers